how do i install lock screen without winterboard

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  1. ZestyOne, Mar 3, 2011
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    I *** hate the way winterboard changes the fonts and whatnot. Hnoestly I think apple designed their phone perfect and i also have no intention of theming it, or else i would buy an android. i know there are 'fixes' to make the font like 80% close to how apple has it but id rather just have a fresh iphone 4 with mywi and my3g (only things i use it for). im sort of an apple nazi i suppose and i think its immaculate the way it is (except for the battery :p )

    my question is...

    1. how do i download this without winterboard. ive tried googling and they all lead to this page with no download button (that i can see):
    If i have to use winterboard, ill just SSH it to my desktop, then uninstall winterboard (taking the theme with it). that leads to my second question

    2. which folder do i go to to manually insert the battery lock screen? i know to back up all the other files, i just dont know how to uninstall it when I have the directory on my desktop with all the files/pngs in it.

    Cheers : )
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    Looks like a cool battery, just google "cyder". It's a program of many uses. I just use it to download cydia packages and install them manually. As far as the location of where to ssh it. Not sure but you could try the Good luck
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    If they designed it so perfectly and it doesn't need theming dont theme it.

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