How do I keep the hotspot on permanently?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lsquare, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I notice that after a period of inactivity, the hotspot feature will essentially turn itself off and my laptop will lose internet. I can understand why that may be useful if it's in battery mode. However, when I'm at school, I have a power source nearby and power isn't an issue. Is there a way to prevent the iPhone from automatically turning off the feature?
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    Is your laptop going into sleep mode? If it is then that explanes why , there is no way to keep it on if something is not connected. I ha the same issue tethering my iPhone to my iPad and my iPad going to sleep. The way around In my case was to tether thru Bluetooth instead of wifi which is much better on battery but a little slower.
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    Plug the iPhone into your laptop with the USB sync cable and use the connection through that, instead of using WiFi or Bluetooth. This should keep the connection active for as long as your laptop is awake. It should also be the fastest in terms of throughput, and will also keep your iPhone charged without having to plug it in to an outlet.
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    The iPhone charges faster through the outlet than through my laptop's USB port.
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    You can't unfortunately. When you navigate to the personal hotspot section in settings it starts broadcasting the SSID and for 30 seconds after you navigate away or the phone goes to sleep.

    As long as you are still using it it will stay active (even if the screen is off) but after a while it will shut down the hotspot and you have to reactivate it.

    There is an Apple support page that details this but I'm not able to find it again but you should be able to find it if you look hard enough.
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    A simple script to ping a known Internet address every 25 seconds should keep it Alive. Maybe there is already a small widget to do just that(?)
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    Even if it exists, you'd 100% have to jailbreak I think.
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    Uh no, not in the phone, at the laptop. Ur basically simulating fake activity.
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    Just use a USB cable - works all the time. When you plug in, it activates the hotspot as long as you leave the hotspot switch in on mode.

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