How do I make a bootable backup of Leopard?


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Dec 18, 2002
Situation: Main HD in 2 partitions on a 120GB drive. Second internal drive 80GB. Leopard is in the 25GB partition on the main HD. While I would LOVE to use the Leopard feature to resize the OSX partition without having to redo any of my work, it's not working for me. I've deleted the 2nd partition, but getting the same error as others where it thinks it's not an HFS+ journaled partition (Computer is a MDD G4).

So, I tried using SuperDuper to clone my install onto the second drive, even though SuperDuper says it hasn't been fully tested with Leopard. Result: Clone of OSX partition on 2nd HD, but it doesn't boot (hangs on initial apple screen).

So, what I _want_ to do is clone my OSX partition to the 2nd drive, reformat the 120GB drive with 1 partition, then move my OSX install back onto the 120GB.

How can I do this easiest and fastest?



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Feb 5, 2004
Carbon Copy Cloner is Awesome !!!

Carbon Copy Cloner is Awesome. I moved my entire 120 GB internal hard drive from my Macbook Pro to and external sata drive. then I opened up the Macbook Pro and swaped the drives. Not One problem. It worked flawlessly.

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