How do I make a "terminal script"?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by macPuppy, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Hi everyone

    I'm not a savvy programmer to say the least, so please don't mock me ;)

    Basicly I want the computer to do the following everytime I start up:
    1. Start the terminal
    2. Type in ssh -T -l [username]
    3. Type in password (it will promt for password)

    It would be much appreciated if someone could tell me how to do this.

    Thanks in advance
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    Typing the password is not the answer. You would have to store it in the script, etc.

    As such, I think using shared-key authentication would get rid of the need to type a password via automation and instead you would just need a 1 line script to make the connection. The setup is a bit more involved, but I think will satisfy your need in this instance.

    There are instructions all over the place, but I just validated this on my own machine, here are the steps I followed:

    On your mac, open the terminal and run:
    ssh-keygen -t dsa

    Do not enter a passphrase when prompted. Two files will be created in ~/.ssh. You need to copy the one called to the foreign system. For the sake of security, you should do this via scp. You need to place this file in ~/.ssh of the user you want to log in as on the foreign system.

    Then log in to the foreign system, and:
    cd .ssh
    cat id*.pub >> authorized_keys

    You may have to
    chmod 700 ~
    due to permissions checking for security when using shared keys.

    Once you've done this, when you ssh from your machine to the foreign machine, there should be no prompt for a password.

    Then you can just create a text file with:
    ssh -T -l user

    Save the file as "" or whatever you'd like, and in the terminal chmod it to 700. When you run the script, it should log you in to the foreign system. You can then put a link or copy of the script in your dock, desktop, etc. and it will essentially be like opening a terminal on the foreign system.

    Good luck!

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