How do I make Apps portable (USB)

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    Hey guys, i'm a new user here.

    Ok i'm gonna jump straight into my question: How do I make apps portable for use on USB?
    By portable, I mean it must run completely on the USB Flash disk.Reason being, I don't exactly want remnants of apps on my Company computer.If you know what I mean...

    The app i'm currently trying to (convert?) is Minecraft.I'm using this thread:
    How to run Minecraft from a USB drive (Mac Edition) - Discussion ...
    to do this but I noticed that this does not actually a make Minecraft portable.
    This command (in the thread,link above) [ ln -s /Volumes/<your drive name>/minecraft ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft ] only makes a shortcut in the application support folder leading to the one on the Flash Drive.Now as I said I "don't exactly want remnants of apps on my Company computer".

    Another annoying part is that I have to apply the terminal command each time plug in the USB.Can anybody give me a terminal command(or something else that does the job) that makes the application look for the directory in the usb rather than in the default ApplicationSupport?And I also want to include the rest of the game's data on the usb (preferences,saved states etc.)

    The goal is to get Minecraft completely portable.I thank you all for spending the time to help me in advance.

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    I hate to be that guy but if you're trying to circumvent policy and aren't 100% confident you're doing this correctly, I wouldn't risk it.
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    Another approach is to make the external drive bootable. Then the entire environment is self-contained on the external drive. Now, some corporate setups will prevent booting from anything but the internal drive, and there are good reasons for that.

    Also, it does require rebooting - makes it harder to switch back when the boss is patrolling the corridors. Besides, as has already been noted, if there's a company policy regarding using your computer for non-business purposes, any technique for circumventing the rules is a risk.
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    Can't really do that, as the USB is 2GB...

    And the company allows us to do what we want with the machines, its just that, its um, Minecraft, and if i have to give the computer back, i don't want colleagues to see this spread all over the folders...

    And i found a way to configure Minecraft to look for its directory folder in /Volumes/NameofUSB/minecraft right in the settings

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