How do I make my iMac sort by exact filename?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iMacJunkie, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Say I have:


    I want to sort only by the -T.jpg so I can shift select them all easily and upload them easily. But, clicking on Name, Kind, etc. does not do anything but group them all together. I don't want this. So now I have to select each -T.jpg file individually to upload them all. Which is tedious when you have 100 of them.

    So how can I sort all the EXACT 10-24H1012-T.jpg files completely separately from 10-24H1012.jpg - while within the exact same folder - so I can select them all at once very fast - (without having to create a new folder and dropping them in there)?

    I'm on OS X Lion BTW.
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    or try Pathfinder as a replacement for the standard OSX finder - it allows real quick filters to be applied on any open folder, plus other advanced filtering and file selection criteria to be easily applied.

    I do a lot of what you are looking for, and any extensive file manipulation is just so much easier with Pathfinder - depends on how much you regularly do of course, and whether you want to pay for it

    There's a tutorial video on the website

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