How do I make sure everything syncs with iCould?

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    Feb 4, 2011
    Here is my issue. iCloud is just so confusing. There are about 100 different settings to get it all working. Is there a definitive list of what you used to have checked in iTunes and what you need to do to get the same thing synced with iCloud?


    • New Apps. Settings>Store>Apps On.
    • App data. Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>iCloud Backup On. Needs to be on wifi and plugged in for it to work.
    • Photos. Need to download iPhoto 9.2 and turn on Photostream. Then I have to go to Settings>iCloud>Photostream>Photostream On. Oh and have to be on wifi.
    • iTunes-Purchased Music. Settings>Store>Apps On. Wifi and Plugged in.
    • Non-iTunes Purchased Music. Have to buy iTunes match, or sync manually.

    See what I'm saying how this get real confusing, real quick? I'm ready to abandon. I can't believe Apple would make it this hard.
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