How do i put one image on top of another?


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Oct 14, 2006
Sorry if this is wrong section guys.

But basically I need to know if there is a way I can say put a small image (3cm*3cm for example) on top of a larger image (20cm * 20cm for example).

Is there any software built into Mac OS or something free which lets me do this easily? Thanks for help


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Feb 5, 2008
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Nothing built in will do this but you can download the Photoshop trial (will take a while), Pixelmator is a more simplifed photo editor that also has a free trial and lastly you could try your luck with the open source app Gimp but I have never been able to get much done in it.

Jim Campbell

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Dec 6, 2006
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Jim mate, thanks, that was exactly what I needed :)
It'll do basic cut-outs as well, plus limited colour correction.

Since 10.5, it's become a bit of an underrated gem in the OS - you can re-order PDF pages, extract individual pages to a separate document, drag multiple PDFs into the same document, mark up and annotate.

I wouldn't recommend trying to produce press-ready PDFs with it, but for everyday stuff, it's infinitely preferable to Acrobat.


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