How do I remove a folder within a TM backup disk

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by richard.mac, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Feb 2, 2007
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    TM backed up a ripped folder of one of my DVD discs when i didn't want it to :eek:. I wanted to burn the dvd folder to a blank dvd for backup purposes and then delete it. How do i remove the ripped dvd folder from the latest TM backup?
    if i drag it to the trash an error message appears saying "The operation cannot be completed because backup items cannot be modified"... can i delete it in terminal with a sudo command? the directory is /Volumes/Storage/Backups.backupdb/Rich's Mac/2007-10-29-165713/Files

  2. littlejim Guest

    In theory ...

    If you go into TM, find the folder and click on the Action drop down in the toolbar (right hand click on the folder wont work!).

    You can then select 'Delete Backup' or 'Delete all Backups' of that folder.

    Now ... wether you get the problem I am getting ...

    I get asked for my Admin password but I can't enter it. Doesn't matter what I try - I just can't give the password field focus!!

    UPDATE - Finder crashed and re-started. Restarted and tried again and it worked!
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    Thanks for that tip, didn't see that before and has sorted out one of my issues with Leopard.
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    i had a corrupted Backups.backupdb folder. i accidentally shut the lid of my laptop during backup, and it went to sleep. when i opened her up, all hell broke loose, lol.

    basically i fixed the problem by reformatting that drive. :eek:
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    thanks for the tip it worked a treat. i could enter my admin password fine. have no idea why yours is not in focus
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    Man thank you! This was the main reason why I didn't like TM, now it's good :)


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