How do i remove photo's please help

Discussion in 'iPad' started by potjoe, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Hi All, Some how i have imported some photo's on to my ipad and now i cannot remove them.Cannot see them in iphoto on my Mac in the ipad part at all says or shows no iteams,on the ipad it self i have 6 photo's i would like to take off and they will not Delate of the ipadPlease can some one tell me how to get them off,if poss with out doing a full reset if i can.
    If i take a photo and put it on to SD card and then put card into ipad it will delate that photo but cannot delate the six that some how i imported at all?.
    Please can some one help?.:confused::confused::confused:
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    You can remove the photos by connecting your iPad to your Mac, open Preview and then select Import from <your iPad's name> from the File menu. It will open a window with all the photos on the iPad so you can import them but you can also easily select and delete them all.

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