How do I replace an old internal (startup) hard drive with a new one?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Cavepainter, May 28, 2010.

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    My original 160GB hard drive is 6 years old on my Dual 1.8 G5 Power Mac and it seems to be having problems. Seems to be running some things slowly the last couple days and it now hangs on startup on the blue screen and it took about 5 minutes the other night to finally start up. I took the opportunity to move as many files as possible off the drive onto my new external FW800 1TB drive. The only thing important left on the drive are all my applications like Adobe CS3 programs, etc.

    I would like to replace it with a newer one and install the OSX operating system on that new drive. I have the original install discs that came with my computer and I also have a new OSX 10.5 full boxed software which is whats on it right now. My computer has another internal drive installed (another 160GB), plus I have an external FW800 1TB drive.

    How would I go about installing the OSX operating system either on the other internal hard drive thats in the second drive bay location, or on a brand-new hard drive

    Ideally I'd like to get rid of the existing boot hard drive as its 6 years old and replace that drive 1 eSATA drive with about a 500gb or 1tb drive, that now contains the OS. OR, Id like to have all those OSX files and applications on the other internal drive and put in the brand new 1TB drive in and use that for other files.PLUS, I would like to copy all my applications from the temporary storage location (like that external firewire drive) and paste all those apps, hopefully without having to reinstall them all. (The Adobe install of CS3 Production Premium took literally hours.)

    What is the best method you folks would recommend to do this?

    I tried to verify and fix permissions- it found 30 or 40 things wrong and didnt really explain if the fixes were successful. (afterwords, when I tried to shut the computer down, it hung on an empty screen with just my desktop image on it and had the cycling clock for about 5 minutes. I eventually just shut off the power button for 5 sec to get it to shut off.

    Had been running beautifully for months.

    G5 1.8 dual Power Mac, OSX 10.5.8 Original/Late 2003 - M9393LL/A, 160GB boot drive, 160GB second drive, 1GB ram, external FW800 1TB drive, Wacom Cintiq Tablet monitor, 1 TB time machine (currently not archiving as it wanted to start over the archive and was taking forever, so it has been switched off the last 3 weeks- haven't dealt with that problem yet.)

    By the way, thanks for any help anyone may have to offer!!
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    Cant you just clone it to the new drive? Carbon Copy Cloner defrags the drive when you clone it. That way you don't need to format/reinstall everything.

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