How do I select the iTunes library that I moved?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Ubele, May 7, 2017.

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    I moved my iTunes library from an external drive to a new Fusion drive I created on my Mac mini, deleting the empty Music > iTunes folder and placing my existing iTunes folder and its contents there. I held down the Option key and launched iTunes, and I selected the Music > iTunes folder when it asked me to choose my library. The contents of my library are listed, but all my music has the "download from the cloud" icon, and my videos have the "exclamation point - can't download from the cloud" icon. This happened a few years ago when I moved my iTunes library, and I re-downloaded all my music and re-imported all my videos, which was a pain. Surely there must be a way to tell iTunes that my music and videos are already on my computer.
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    Drill down into the library that's on the external drive (iTunes > iTunes Media > Music). Are there actually folders in the Music folder corresponding to the artists whose songs have a "download from the cloud" icon (and ultimately, media files inside those nested folders)? If not, then you needed to Consolidate that library before copying it to the internal drive.

    This Apple support article covers the steps:
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    Thanks for the response. Yes, there are folders corresponding to the artists and albums. That's what's puzzling. Here's something I forgot to mention, which might or might not make a difference: I hadn't been using my Mac mini for anything. I was using my 13" MBP with a 256 GB SSD for everything, and my iTunes and Photos library were on the external drive. When I created the 3 TB Fusion drive on my Mac mini, I did a fresh install of Sierra and then migrated everything from my MBP. I deleted the default (and unpopulated) iTunes folder from my mini, and then copied the iTunes folder from my external drive. Then I launched iTunes with the Option key and selected the copied iTunes folder on my Fusion drive, since iTunes still expected it to be on my external drive. So I assumed iTunes would "know" that all my media is there. If necessary, I'll download my library from the cloud again, and I'll re-import my videos, since they're still in my iTunes library folders (and backed up elsewhere). I'm guessing that, when I copied my iTunes folder to the internal Fusion drive, something in one of the database files must still be pointing to the eternal drive, although I'm not getting any errors.

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