How do I set it up so local network users are logged in through the server?

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    I know this sounds like a dumb question, please just punt me int eh right direction- I just got a server, and I have a 27" iMac for each user in the network. I want each user to be able to login to any of the iMacs and have their settings, files, etc transfer around to wherever they are logged in. I want the server to authenticate them, and there to be no local logins. Essentially, i want anyone to have their desktop experience on any computer on the network. Can someone just tell me where to look for the instructions on how to set this up?

    Thank you.
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    What server did you get? It will be hard to help you because to use you are trying to use the latest Mac OS X Server.
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    You didn't offer specifics on your server so it's not possible to give specific information.
    However, to help you search for useful information: what you're looking to do is to set up portable home directories.
    Assuming you have a OS X 10.9 Server, get yourself a copy of this book: It will walk you through the steps to set up the server.
    Configuring a server in this way is complicated and portable home directories are not without bugs.
    The steps are:

    • Make sure that your server is adequate and has sufficient RAM and appropriate storage for what you intend to do.
    • Set up storage for the users' home folders.
    • Make sure that DNS is correctly configured for your server.
    • Set up an Open Directory master.
    • Set up users.
    • Join workstations to the directory.
    Resources you can investigate: (still good information for 10.9 Server if that's what you have.)


    Nonsense. It is difficult to help because of the lack of specific details, but not because the OP is using the latest OS X Server.

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