How do I set up Airplay With a Yamaha 473 Receiver?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GovtLawyer, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I just bought a new TV, speakers, and a Yamaha RX-v473 receiver. I got this receiver in part because it supports Airplay and I can play my iTunes music through the system. The receiver has Airplay, but no Wifi.

    I have an iMac, iPad, iPhone, and a wireless Canon printer. My internet is Via cable and the modem is plugged into an older model Airport Express.

    I think the receiver must be plugged into the network, but it is via Ethernet and the Airport Express has no ethernet-in other than the one which the modem is plugged into. There is what seems like a USB and a firewire in ports.

    Do I need to get a new router with more than one ethernet in? Or, do I get a new Airport Express, which I believe has both a WAN in and a LAN in.

    I want to keep the wi-fi network and enable the Airplay feature in the receiver with the least equipment as possible. Can anyone suggest the simplest most cost efficient method to accomplish this? I also want the ability to pull in radio stations from the Internet, like Pandora. I assume that accomplishing my first task will enable the second as well.

    BTW: I live in a small studio apartment, so the range of the network is not an issue; keeping the network secure and private is.
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    Your receiver does need to be plugged in to a router of some sort and in this case, your AE won't help. Since the 473 needs to be wired, you can purchase a switch for around 20-30 bucks to give you more ports to use. If you really want to, you could buy the new AE and use it as a single port switch, but that's a pretty expensive switch. :)

    Here's a switch that I use at home, but it's 39.99.

    Basically your AE will still provide you Wi-Fi while the switch will provide your wired devices access to the same network. Once everything is all wired and ready, your AirPlay on the Yamaha will work just fine.
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    A switch is not going to do the trick - if you have the old Airport Express you have no local subnet ethernet to plug the switch into. If you just add a switch to that setup, anything plugged into the switch is outside your router, i.e. not on your internal subnet where wifi devices can talk to wired devices.

    You need a new router, new model airport express is fine if you just need the one local Ethernet. You could THEN add a switch to get additional Ethernet ports, or you could use an Airport Extreme which has a built-in switch.
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    I also have a cable modem. I use Devolo homeplugs. One connected to the modem, the other to my Yamaha AVR.

    This will enable Airplay functionality on your AVR.

    The wireless capability of the modem should not interfere with the Ethernet connection to your AVR via the homeplugs.
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    you hopefuly have a modem with router built in so you have extra LAN (internal network) ports to use. The OP has 2 separate devices.
    If not, you're doing it very wrong and insecure, and pretty much giving everyone on the internet access to your network.

    how many ethernet ports do you have on your modem?
    if it's more than 1 you have a modem/router combo.

    and since you say "wireless capability of the modem", you probably have a combo unit.


    to the OP...

    you'll need a new router, the new express will let you do what you want, it has a second ethernet port on it. From that port, you can either go directly to the receiver, or into a switch if you want to add more wired clients.
    If you can't run a wire from your router to the receiver, you could use the homeplug that spinaltap talks about, which routes ethernet over the power lines in your home. You will still need a new router to do this though.

    you can get a second express (old style with N - refurb for $69)
    you can then have the second express join the existing wireless network coming from your old airport express, then run an ethernet cable from that express to your receiver.
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    Sep 6, 2008
    Thanks to all

    It seems to me that the new Airport Express with the second Ethernet port is my best solution. No more wires than I have now. I do not see any future need for more ports and if I do I can get a switch.

    Thanks to everyone who posted possible solutions.

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    Yep, this is correct. I was wrong. Sorry about that, OP.

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