How do I share my Printer... to another Windows Box(s)

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by iBunny, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Ok, I have a HP Printer that works flawlessly with my Mac. I have it pluged into a USB Hub, and then into the back of my iMac. How Can I set this up, to where my dad, can print from his computer, to my printer through my iMac?

    Thanks :D

    Edit: I have a wireless router, which my dad connects to use the internet, and I use it too... <3
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    You should go to System Preferences on your iMac, then to 'Print and Fax', then hit the 'Sharing' tab, and then authenticate as admin with the lock in the lower left corner (if you're not an admin already). Then put a check in the 'Share this printer with other computers' box, and select the HP Printer in the list below.

    Make sure your dad's computer is in the same workgroup as your mac. The mac's workgroup is called 'Workgroup' by default. You can change your mac's windows (smb) workgroup by going to the app called Directory Access in your iMac's utility folder, and checking the SMB/CIFS box, and going to 'Configure' below and changing the name. Alternatively, and possibly easier is to go onto the Windows computer and under Network change the computer's workgroup to 'Workgroup'. As long as your computers are in the same workgroup, when you go to 'My Network' or 'Network Neighborhood' on the windows computer, and navigate to your workgroup, you should see the HP printer with a little hand under the icon. It should appear in all 'Print' dialogue boxes too.

    As an extra tip, I'd advise getting 'Bonjour for Windows'. The link is somewhere on, under OS X I think. Bonjour networking allows for automatic discovery and configuration of printers. It is built in on your iMac.

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