How do I stop my iPhone from syncing with every photo on my iMac?

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    This morning I plugged my phone into my iMac figuring maybe there's some new software that needs to be downloaded. Well, the wife called me to check on something upstairs and I just got back and the iPhone had already sync's 6976 photos!!!!

    I don't need all thos pix on my phone, so is there a easy way to selectively remove them without risking losing them on my iMac next time I plug in? And OK, I'm not a power user so how do I set up iTunes so that I can selectively control what pictures and video clips go on my iPhone?

    Bloated :(
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    Just change what you want to sync on the Photos tab under the device in iTunes. If you select "All photos, albums, events and faces" then that's what will get synced. If you click "Selected Albums...", you will get options to choose what you want to sync.

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