How do I sync files from Win HD to Mac HD for easier TM backup

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by arch001, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. arch001 macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2009

    Does anyone know of a program that automatically sync's files on the Bootcamp Windows Partition with the Mac Partition for easier TM Backup?

    Time Machine can only backup files on the Mac HD so I have to drag all of the files over from the Win-HD to the Mac-HD manually if I want Time Machine to back them up. It would be great if this could be done automatically.

    Many Thanks

    James (13'' late 08)
  2. xp2mac07 macrumors member

    Sep 7, 2007
    My solution has been to keep all of my files (documents, music, etc.) on the Mac side and use MacDrive to access them from Windows. I will still use MacDrive over Snow Leopard because it will write as well as read files. Then I just backup with Time Machine.
  3. arch001 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2009

    Thanks for the help. That would probably be a better solution but I've been having so many problems with Macdrive that I don't really trust it. It keeps making Windows crash when I browse my Mac Partition and opening files can be really slow.

    I've found a program called Chronosync which seems to do the job without using too much memory. The schedule even has a function that makes it sync every time leopard starts which is perfect. For $40 though, and with lots of other functions I wont use, it seems a bit overkill.


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