How do I sync using the Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac

Discussion in 'macOS' started by TeddyRuxpin, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Sep 4, 2010
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    For obvious reasons, I would like to back up and sync my Blackberry Curve 8520 onto my Mac Book Pro (10.6.5) - specifically, my contacts.

    The last time I tried to do this, using the Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac, all my contacts information was deleted and/or duplicated! and the settings on my Berry were basically wiped. The Blackberry was left with some info but not even close to all (even the desktop screen went back to its factory setting).

    The Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac gave me the option to REVERSE the sync, so I did. Luckily this brought back all my contacts and overall settings that had been changed when I started the process. Needless to say I was unable to actually backup or sync.

    I would like to backup my info (specifically my contacts)
    AND combine the two address books (on Mac and Blackberry) without losing any info or gaining duplicates of contacts.

    Can anyone help?
  2. r0k macrumors 68040


    Mar 3, 2008
    I started out with Palm Desktop for Mac. I exported everything and then imported it to Calendar and Contacts. I then started using Missing Sync. I got duplicate contacts with almost every sync. I finally deleted Missing Sync and got BB Desktop Manager for Mac (when it became available). I got fewer duplicates but they still showed up from time to time. Here are some tidbits that helped me though (until I broke down and got an iPhone)...

    1 - Get everything the way you want it in Address and then export (back up).

    2 - Get everything the way you want it in Calendar and back it all up.

    3 - On the Blackberry, keep in mind that every calender event will be associated with an email address. If you have 3 email accounts active on your 'berry (including the one the carrier gives you somethingorother @, be careful to pick the same one when you create new events because only one of them will sync and it is generally only those events linked to the most recent email account you have set up.

    4 - After you have everything the way you want it, use Spotlight to find and run iSync. Tell it to reset sync data. This puts you at a point as if you have never synced anything. At this point I should mention that these sync issues are as much Apple's fault as they are RIM's fault. iSync gets confused from time to time and makes duplicates automagically. BB Desktop manager uses iSync so it will make duplicates, though it seems to me I had a LOT more duplicates when I had a BB than I do now that I have an iPhone.

    5 - In BB Desktop manager, pick one item to sync, not everything. Let it finish then look at the data on both the BB and your Mac. If the Mac end looks messed up, restore from the backups you made in steps 1 and 2, reset sync, reset the BB and try again.

    6 - Try to sync at least once a week. I used to go for months without sync and it took a long time when I did sync. Now that I use MobileMe, sync takes place continuously and all my contacts and calendar are always the same on all my devices. Unfortunately, there is no BB support in MobileMe.

    I don't recommend Missing Sync. It doesn't appear to do any better than BB Desktop Manager and in my experience it was slightly worse. It was the only (viable) game in town for a long time but that is no longer true. Missing Sync offers "proximity" sync via bluetooth. Do you know how painful it is to send more than a few bytes over bluetooth? Let's just say you can afford to ignore that feature.
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    r0k, Thank you for being so helpful. You spoke about some things I have yet to read anything about online....

    Will give it a try and post the outcome here.

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