How do I transfer files from a Mac to a PC?

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    Sequel to this thread. Same thing, except in reverse.

    Once again, I have 3 things here and 1 question:

    1) an iMac running Windows 7 through bootcamp.

    2) an ethernet cord

    3) A Macbook running Snow Leopard with over 95 GB of files on its hard drive that I need to get BACK on to the Windows 7 partition of my iMac.

    THE QUESTION: How do I use the ethernet cord to connect the iMac and the Macbook and then transfer the 95+ GB of files from the Macbook's hard drive to the iMac's Windows 7 partition?

    Note: I already know how to plug in the ethernet cord. Also, my Macbook has been running very slowly ever since I weighed down its hard drive with all the extra files, so I need a fix for this ASAP. Thank you!
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    Am I missing something here or what? You need an NTFS driver on your Macs that will allow you to read and write files on the Windows partition of your iMac. NTFS-3G is free and works like a charm albeit a little slow. Since you are running Snow Leopard, you should have no problems. Paragon NTFS is not free, works like a charm, and is much faster. Follow these three simple steps:
    1. Network your MacBook and iMac through the same router wired or wirelessly.
    2. Log into the MacBook from the iMac and drag the folders from the MacBook to the Windows partition.
    3. There is no Step 3.
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    here are some fairly longish instructions, it's only one way to do it, but maybe it will help you.

    on Windows 7, make a new folder. Example, "new folder" on the desktop. Right click on that folder and go to Share with > Specific people...

    In the window that pops up, type "Everyone" in the field and click Add. Change the permission level for Everyone to read/write. Click Share. In the next screen note the address it provides you, it should look like \\COMPUTERNAME\Users\blabla\Desktop\New folder ... or something similar.
    Click done to close that window.

    Right click the folder again, go to Properties > Sharing tab > Advanced Sharing. In the window that pops up, put a check on "Share this folder", then click on the permissions button, and in that window, Click on the Everyone user name, then put a check on Allow Full Control. Press Apply, OK, Apply, OK, and finally Close to close the properties window.

    Now you have just setup a folder on windows 7 that is accessible to anyone on the network. When we're done here we're gonna want to undo all this, or simply move the files you copied to windows somewhere else, and then delete the shared folder (i.e. "New folder"). So beware of the risk.

    On the mac, in Finder or the desktop, press command-K or go to the "Go" menu and select "Connect to server". In the windows that pops up type "smb://COMPUTERNAME" where COMPUTERNAME is the ip address of the imac with windows 7, or the name that you noticed earlier that was provided. Im assuming here you've already setup your ip addresses for your machines or are using DHCP on a router and just have IP addresses automatically assigned, and you know what they are.

    It should pop up a window showing you shared folders, in which you should be able to select your "New folder" or whatever you created at the beginning. The folder should pop up on your desktop as a network disk, and a window should pop up showing you the contents. Drag and drop your stuff in there, and when its done, eject the network disk.

    Back on the windows 7, either undo the changes we've made to the folder for sharing, or move the stuff you just copied somewhere you actually want it, and finally delete the shared folder to remove the risk i mentioned earlier.
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    Get Fusion and then take the rest of the day off.

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