iPod How do I transfer music from my ipod to my pc?


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Aug 17, 2005
I can't figure out the way to transfer songs to computers. When I go to mycomputers it doesn't show all the songs I actually have in my ipod (only the songs I ripped from my cd's)


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May 15, 2005
NG9, England
Not sure exactly what you meant by that last statement, but if you select to show hidden and system files in Windows, you can access the hidden folders containing the music. A word of warning though, they are all mixed up so I would recommend to search song names through the folder, (remembering to search hidden and system files too). Alternatively, you can get software like iPod agent to organise everything for you.

I would go to iPod lounge and have a look through their list of software for the most suitable package for your needs.


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Jul 14, 2005
Ok, well... the first thing you'll need to get for this application is a mac computer...

Ha, sorry, couldn't resist! I used to go through that kind of stuff all the time, which is exactly WHY I got a mac! End of all my woes.

PS: at this moment, rather than an iPod syncing, shouldn't you be concerning yourself with the latest windows-worm & all its lovely variations? (Sorry, couldn't resist that one either... I'm a stinker.) :eek:


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Oct 16, 2003
The iPod is made to work with a minimal amount of hassle when it's linked to just one iTunes library. The music part and the file storage part of the iPod is separated.

For least headaches, just let iTunes sync the music part and use the file storage part if you want to transfer music files from another computer to your main iTunes computer.

If you want to transfer all music from one computer to another, first make sure that both are your own computers, if they are, one easy solution is to connect the two computers directly and transfer between them, another is to use the disk storage part of your iPod. If both computers are not your own (or close family), check out the Music Store in iTunes for easy legal access to music. :D

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