How do I transfer photos from an iPhone to my iMac?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Miqs, Nov 4, 2013.

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    My son has an iPhone which has many photos on it which he wants to transfer to my iMac via USB. Unfortunately I cannot get the iPhone to mount onto my iMac. The only thing that happens is that EOS Utility starts up which is no help. Do I have to open iTunes or iPhoto first before connecting the iPhone? I am confused as I have an iPod and don't have any connection problems with that.
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    Try this : open iPhoto, Preferences / General : "Connecting camera opens : iPhoto".

    Quit iPhoto.

    Then connect the iPhone, and see if this opens iPhoto automatically.

    It is supposed to.

    Even if you set "Connecting camera opens : No application", iPhoto being already open, plug the iPhone via USB and it will show up in iPhoto ("Devices") and you will be able to import the photos.
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    I prefer Image Capture to iPhoto because I can put the photos in a folder and delete larger files like videos one by one if I choose.

    I keep my settings to "do nothing" when I plug in my iPhone and once it's plugged in, I launch Image Capture and grab the photos that way. I can import the "keepers" into iPhoto later if I choose.

    I should also mention that the bulk of my photos come across from my iPhone via Photostream so they are already in iPhoto and I needn't bother importing them. For me, Image Capture is more of a way to prune the large number of photos that are taking up gigs of space on my iPhone.
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    You could also set up photo stream in iPhoto. That way the pictures would be automatically downloaded as they are taken.
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    Just added a new app called Desk Connect ( it's previewed in latest issue of MacWorld). Free and you just install on any Apple device (ipad, phone, iMac etc) and you can transfer anything like photos, documents, web links to anyone device anywhere. No wifi need. Works like a charm. It's in the App Store now.
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    How do I transfer photos from an iPhone to my iMac?

    Just use Image Capture, I believe it is preinstalled with the OS.
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    This..... it is pre-loaded on your mac. Look under Applications>Image Capture
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    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

    firstly, you don't use iTunes to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, you use iPhoto, Image Capture, FonePaw iOS Transfer, Aperture, etc. to get photos off iPhone.

    Use iPhoto:
    [1]Using the cable that came with the iPhone, connect it to your Mac.
    [2]Open iPhoto, if it’s not already open.
    [3]To import all the photos from your camera, click the Import All button. To import only some photos, press the Command key while you click each photo you want to import, and then click the Import Selected button.
    [4]After the import process is finished, click the Eject button or drag the iPhone’s icon to the iPhoto Trash in the Source list.
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    Email is my favourite method of transferring iphone photos from my Mac or PC. Really help me more . In my opinion this method is the simplest and probably the quickest way of doing transfer iphone photos.
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    I use AirMore to transfer photos and videos from my iPhone to iMac. There is a video which gives me a very detailed guide. As long as I have access to Internet connection, I am able to transfer and manage my iPhone data on Mac without USB. Very easy.

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