How do I update my install???

Discussion in 'macOS' started by chriskzoo, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I had to downgrade my old Mini from Leopard to Tiger and now that I have the fresh install on there, I can't get Software Update to recognize that I need to update the OS. I tried downloading what I thought were standalone updates from the Apple Support site for 10.4.4 and 10.4.2, but when the install runs, it says "The selected volume doesn't meet the requirements."

    I have a G4 1.83ghz - is there some update specific to the non-Intel processors I need?
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    The updates you get from Apple directly for 10.4 should be labeled as a Combo update (denoting that it is a combination of updates for every previous version up to the one it's labeled as, and not just a single, 10.4.1->10.4.2 update) that will be quite larger than the others. Also, they should be labeled for PPC or Intel, so make sure you are grabbing the right one for your Mini (head to the Apple Menu and About This Mac if you aren't sure).

    I would suggest downloading a combo update for 10.4.6. first, then downloading the combo update to 10.4.11 (or 10.4.10 if they don't have a combo for 10.4.11)

    It's not typical, but there is a greater chance of having an issue going from 10.4.1->10.4.11 as it is such a huge jump. Apple releases updates with the intention that people install them as they are released. Same thing with Windows XP. You can download and install SP3 over SP1, but it is recommended by MS that you install SP2 first, then SP3. All of their SP's are cumulative, but making that huge jump can cause unexpected problems in the same way.
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    I guess I am already fully updated at 10.4.11 - I was reading it for some reason :D

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