How do I use Mobile Me Family pack?

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    I have had a MacBook for a year or so and also a few iPhones. I also have Mobile Me and its been fine. The calendars and email on all iPhone and the MacBook sync with each other.

    However today we got my partner an iMac and this is what I want to do.

    On my partners iMac I want him to see his own email account when he clicks on the email icon on the tool bar. When he clicks on his iCal I want him to see the same calendar accounts that I see.

    On my MacBook I want it to stay the way it is i.e. I have my own email and the calendars.

    I guess what I am sort of asking is. "is there a way on the iMac that I can have the email icon linked to a different Mobile Me account than the calendar?"

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    Im quick answer would be YES, you can do it.

    Without having done it myself you would PUBLISH your calendar and give him access to it - i think it can all be done via iCal. Open iCal and in help type publish and follow the help links - below are the first few lines of help....

    Publishing your calendar on the Internet
    You can post your calendars on the Internet (using your MobileMe iDisk or a private WebDAV server) so family and colleagues can view them using iCal. If you publish your calendar on your MobileMe iDisk, you and other people can also view your calendars using a web browser.

    You need to have a MobileMe subscription to publish to iDisk. To learn more about MobileMe or to sign up, visit the MobileMe website.

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    I have a MobileMe family account as well and yes the emails will be totally seperate on each account.

    Log into the master account on mobileme -> account settings

    Set up the family member accounts, username - password - security questions etc.

    System prefs on the imac ->mobileme -> and enter in the partners new username and password you set up.

    Open iCal on the main one sharing , notice your home - work calenders on the left side, just right click the one you want shared. We're going to say the green work cal. -> Publish it to mobile me. -> Right click this same cal again and choose to Send Publish Email -> Send to the Partners mobileme email.

    Breathe your sigh of relief because we're almost done.;)

    Get back to the iMac, open email, you should see the email with 2 options, one to view the shared cal and one to subscribe, click the subscribe link -> this should open iCal and enter the link for you. Click Subscribe.

    Go do Happy dance.

    Hoping this helps you.
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    Share a Calendar - Separate Email

    Here is how I did it. Simple, and it works.

    On my wife's iphone, I set up two accounts. I set up her mobileme account, and set it only for mail. Then I added an account - mine and set it up for calendar and contacts. I also turned on "find my phone" in this account. Since mobileme will only push to the account set to something other than mail, I set her mail account to fetch every 15 minutes. Now she gets her mail, I get mine, and any changes we make to either the calendar or contacts is pushed to both phones and the Imac. Find my phone in my account finds both phones.

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