Carrier How do things work with broken phones and carrier installment plans?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by XTheLancerX, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Say I get an iPhone and have Apple Care+, and I add that onto the phone that I currently am paying an installment plan for. What happens if I break my phone? Do I just get my phone replaced with the Apple Care+ fee as usual or does the carrier throw a fit and make me pay off the phone on the spot? I'm kind of confused how these installment plans deal with lost/destroyed phones. Clarification please?
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    As long as you are paying your monthly bills the carrier does not care what happens to the phone.
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    ^^^This. All the carrier cares about is the money.

    In the case of a lease, as long as the carrier has a phone of the model and capacity you leased returned to it at the end of the lease they don't give a damn.

    The IMEI, which is all that is changing essentially with a replacement is irrelevant to the carrier.

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