How do users get the Beta of an App?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by superflush, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. superflush macrumors 6502a

    Apr 6, 2009
    How do individual app users get the beta of an app. That is to say, if a developer has taken your UDID to give you the beta, what is the process of actually installing the update?? Is it the same as if there was a public update??
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    Jun 17, 2007
    Eastleigh, UK
    No, its not the same process at all.
    I'd personally not recommend you using iTunes to install development apps anyway, I'd use the iPhone configuration utility.

    Here's what I sent my testers when sending app updates to them:

    - Plug your device into iTunes, allow it to sync fully (thereby performing a backup that you can restore to if anything goes wrong)
    - Download iPhone Configuration Utility from here:
    - Run the iPhone Configuration Utility
    - Drag ****_Ad_Hoc.mobileprovision into iPhone Configuration Utility
    - Drag ****.app (found inside the zip file) into iPhone Configuration Utility
    - Connect your device, it will appear in the left hand column, at the bottom. Click it.
    - There should now be 5 tabs across the top of the screen, click the one called 'Provisioning Profiles'
    - Click the 'install' button next to the profile called '**** Ad Hoc' (this is likely to be the only provisioning profile available anyway).
    - Click the tab called 'applications'
    - Locate the app in the list and click the 'install' option.
    - Job done!
    (to uninstall, you basically do what you've just done, but in reverse!)

    Be aware that it'll only install on the device UDID you send us, so don't go trying to install it on your gran's iPhone because it won't work!
  3. superflush thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 6, 2009
    Okay, wow, I had no idea it was this complicated. I'll have to try that. I wasn't sure if I had been put in the batch for a beta of an app, but I also didn't know how I would know if I had. Thanks, I'll have to give all that a try.

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