How do you activate PAYG?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chriskzoo, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I want to drop my current plan (450 minutes/Unlimited data for $60/mo + taxes, so around $70 total) and switch to PAYG $0.25/minute and use Skype whenever I can, as I'm almost always near a hotspot, but want the PAYG as a backup and for in-bound calls.

    So once my contract is up or I buy it out, how can you convert to the PAYG plan? I know there was a way to start ou in PAYG if you entered a bogus SS# upon first getting the phone, but what is the process once you have already had normal service?

    Also, can you block data once you go PAYG? I don't want to accidentally click on email or Safari when I'm not on Wifi and pay $0.01 per kb.
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    Do you want to keep you existing phone number?

    The Serial number trick only worked with the original iPhone. AT&T does not offer a GoPhone type option with the iPhone 3G. To use a GoPhone option with the iPhone 3G you will have to get a new GoPhone SIM (think Walmart) and just activate it via the web.

    SIM Activation:

    This link provides detail on the GoPhone options but note the minutes expire so you will need to manage your account. There is no default Pay Per Use data plan;


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