How do you carry / use 2 phones (iOS & Android) for personal use?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by DiamonDecoden, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. DiamonDecoden, Sep 21, 2018
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    May 26, 2011
    I see people use 2 phones with same number using Numbersync right? Not talking about having one phone for business and one phone for personal. I mean using the same number on 2 devices for personal usage.

    Do you experience any issues? How did you troubleshoot it?

    I am contemplating of using both iOS and Android with 2 phones. Is this too extra? At first, I really thought this is crazy. Who needs 2 phones? I am so extra for thinking this.

    I would love to see people who do this to discuses their experience and their day to day experience @GrumpyMom and @jamezr (lol sorry to tag you but I know you use this and I might do what you are doing. I don't mean you are extra but I am a very extra person LOL- I am thinking using the Apple Watch 4 with XS Max and a Note 8- probably do only 1 watch lol; not as extra as wearing 1 per each wrist LMAO! XD )
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    South Florida
    I’d be interested in hearing about this as well.
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    Oct 2, 2016
    I use the iPhone X daily for calls, social media, messages, and music. For media I pick up my Note 8 such as watching a movie, take pictures and browse the web. I bring both phones with me one in the left pocket another on the right and I’m just so used to that workflow that it’s not a problem to me. I don’t use iCloud at all and the only Apple service I use is Apple Music which is also available on Android, so I don’t miss much and can have Chrome synced between both devices which is a must for me. I like both of them and they work great for my workflow.
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    May 26, 2011
    I just got my iPhone XS Max Yesterday and I will definitely use it for social because my family have iPhones and it’s hard for them to use an app like Messenger and I am able to troubleshoot their phones much better. Now I can use iMessage and FaceTime with my family

    I also have the note 8 and it is a great Phone
  5. tbayrgs macrumors 603


    Jul 5, 2009
    I’ve tried using 2 phones on one line (using Digits on T-Mobile) but I find the experience inconsistent and janky. I also like to keep Apple Messages turned on and to make it work best, I’d have to go all SMS.

    I go iPhone/Apple Watch as my daily driver with my Pixel 2 serving primarily as a camera and tool to explore Google Assistant/Home. I just connect to WiFi or hotspot as needed.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    Oh my goodness I can’t use my S9+ anymore. I keep swiping up and getting Samsung Pay when I want to go to my home screen. :oops:

    I can easily switch between my S9+ and my iPhone 8 Plus. My Pixel 2 is still on Oreo so I don’t do gesture based controls on it.

    But man, going back and forth between my S9+ and my Max is making me bonkers. More than I already was. ;)

    And I keep yelling Hey Siri at my S9+. Siri is working much better these days so I’m using it again. I use Bixby, too, but I use the hated button and there is nothing like it on the iPhone.

    My S9+ has the better modem and antennas so it’s still my phone when I need to make a call.

    I’m really bummed that my Max failed “the Dad test”. My dad says the call quality between his landline and my Max still stinks in the way it always does on an iPhone. When I called him from the S9+ he said “Oh you’re on a REAL phone again.” Apple really really needs to get its modem and call quality issues settled. Even if it means making peace with Qualcomm or doing a better job stealing their tech. Whatever. Make it better.

    We have lost signal strength from AT&T in the last few weeks. In order to make a decent sounding phone call I have to go upstairs to my bedroom and call from my S9+. My Pixel 2 is actually probably still the best as a phone but shifting sims between it and the S9+ apparently would cause me issues with AT&T.
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    I have my main phone (AT&T) iPhone, and my secondary (Work phone which they pay for) Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 is on Mint Mobile, so with the stipend work gives me for a phone, I am actually making money in the end. I see zero value in having a shared plan on 2 phones (my use case) as I can tap into bandwidth on both phones, which saves me from the prohibitively expensive AT&T Unlimited+Tethering plan prices.

    I'd say I end up using both phones equally, and I enjoy living in both ecosystems. It is nice to be ready to refute false claims (from either ecosystems), and be able to promote the positives of each camp. I really like both platforms for different reasons.
  8. TooDarkPark Suspended


    Nov 23, 2017
    I have four phones that I am currently using. I have three lines on T-Mobile for $100 for about three years now, so considering one line will cost nearly that with todays plans, I will never get rid of those three. I also have one line on AT&T.

    I'm using my Note 9 as my daily now and I use my iPhone 8+ in my car connected to BT to make calls and listen to music on.

    I've accidentally given a friend one of my other phone numbers so I had a text message waiting for me on that phone which I left at home last night so he got a reply 7 hours late. It gets confusing sometimes.

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