How do you clean up a usb stick on a Mac?

Luis Ortega

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May 10, 2007
I use usb stick drives to move files around.
I notice that after I've used them on a Mac and then use them on a PC there are a few greyed out folders and files with names like trashes and ds store on them, usually preceeded by a dot (.). I can select these on the PC and delete them and the available drive space on the usb stick increases accordingly.
When I use the usb stick on a Mac and delete some files they disappear fine into the trash but the disk info still reports that the drive is as full as before and won't let me copy stuff onto the usb stick if it exceeds the remaining drive space, even though the files have been deleted.
I am forced to take the usb stick to a PC and delete the trash type files before it shows the correct free space available, and then the new drive space available also shows up on a Mac.
Is there some way to recover the drive space after I delete stuff from a usb stick on a Mac? The trash files and ds store folders are not visible when I am looking at the usb stick contents on my Mac.
Thanks a lot for any advice.


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Jan 15, 2006
The Kop
You need to empty the trash on your mac before the files actually get deleted. That is to say the normal trash in your dock.

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