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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Yumunum, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Yumunum macrumors 65816


    Apr 24, 2011
    How do you work your way through OS X? What helps your workflow best?

    Spaces? Mission Control? Launchpad? Any tweaks? I know my question sounds broad but I think you know what I mean.

    Here's what I do...

    Dock: My dock is set to stay hidden until I move my mouse to the button of the screen. I used a terminal command to put an empty space after my last "pinned" (set to always be in my dock) app, that way I can always tell when I have extra junk open. I used TinkerTool to make my dock 2D (much prettier) and I have some extra folders to the right side of the dock. I also put an empty space separating the folders from the trash can. When I need to launch an app not in my dock, I use Spotlight.

    Windows: I used BetterTouchTool to make some "gestures" for window managing. One being a three finger click, that maximizes my current window. Another being a four finger swipe down to close my current window. And lastly, a four-finger click brings up Mission Control (I only use it for Exposé though)

    This works out great for me because my windows get as much space as possible, and I don't have to tediously click the "x" or use a keyboard shortcut to close any windows. It feels like a new experience.

    So anyways, what do you guys do? I wanna hear new ideas, and see what cool things everyone else does.

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  2. r0k macrumors 68040


    Mar 3, 2008
    Dock: I keep only a handful of apps in the dock, plus the ones the app store throws in there. I use spotlight to launch almost everything. In don't auto hide the dock. I switch off auto arranging and force everything to fans. If there's too much stuff or I don't see what I need I simply go to the top of the fan and pick xxx more in finder. I do have shortcuts to numbers, pages, keynote and libre office in the dock. I took garage band and imovie out of the dock. I added pcalc to the dock. I removed Safari and added Google Chrome to the dock. I had a 2D dock for a while but I don't mind using the defaults for most things except magnification. I keep magnification on but set to a small value. The icons get bigger when I hover, but they don't fill the bottom 1/3 of my screen. I have terminal and system preferences in my dock. I have Swackett in my dock.

    I don't use launchpad. I don't like sitting there swiping through all those icons on my iPad and iPhone and it doesn't make any more sense to me on OS X. Mission control is "ok". I hardly use expose anyway so I don't mind the changes in Mission control.
  3. Modernape macrumors regular

    Jun 21, 2010
    On Snow Leopard - 3 Spaces horizontally, using BetterTouchTool to 4-finger hoztl swipe between them. I rarely use the dock, just have my 5 main apps autostart at login.
  4. marsmissions macrumors 6502


    Jan 5, 2010
    Washington, US
    I use one space and have iTunes, Mail, and iCal open in their own spaces in full screen. I use the dock to launch the apps I use most often. On the rare occasion I need to access others, I use launch pad.
  5. Jolly Jimmy macrumors 65816

    Jolly Jimmy

    Dec 13, 2007
    I have global keyboard shorcuts set to open/close or activate/hide the apps I use the most using Spark. The rest I open using spotlight. I also use keyboard shortcuts to open finder items with certain apps. This saves me from right-clicking and going to the "Open with" menu.

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