How do you feel after looking at iMac display resolution?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iSayuSay, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Okay now I have 27" iMac for almost 3weeks now. I'm grateful everything is okay, no dead pixel, no hardware problem or defect. But I got very very slightly yellow tint but not noticeable unless I pay attention using tapplox's imac display test.

    Apart from that, I have a funny feeling after using iMac for extended time.

    I have 46" plasma 1080p hooked to my PS3 and bluray player. And now I feel that PS3 menu text is jagged and pixelated. I can see that every text displayed there don't look as good as before anymore. I didn't complain before, but now .. it's like ... WHAT!! I used to look at this??!!

    Luckily video performance still seems fine on my plasma, or still better due to excellent contrast. But when it comes to text reading, I find it becomes unpleasant after looking how iMac display capable of :(

    I understand that common computer display already have higher PPI than regular HDTV. Even 720p on 13" LCD display found on laptops seems better than HDTV. But I dont know, maybe because iMac screen is quite big, and so this effect become magnified for me?

    Do you feel the same after using display with such size and resolution as iMac 27" display for some time? Do you feel now that even 1080p HDTV is a bit crappy? Almost like when I first tasted 720p resolution and beyond after living with 480p all along! But not that bad actually

    Like .. I was fine with DVD, and then I saw bluray .. and left me wondering "How come I lived with DVD movie watching all along?" :eek:

    Do you have the same feeling as me? Or your HDTV still looks fine after? Especially when it comes to text displaying
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    It's not really the pixel density I think, because the viewing distance will most likely compensate for that. IMHO it's just that the iMac comes with a decent, calibrated (roughly, but never the less) IPS screen and no crappy software algorithms to interfere with that.

    Most higher-class HDTVs have good panels too, but the software... ugh... don't get me started. Crappy artificial sharpening, crappy default picture setups, crappy motion interpolation, it's just horrible. Most HDTVs I've seen, no matter how expensive, look like crap out of the box. Mostly because contrast, saturation and "sharpness" are max'ed out, supposedly to make the image "pop out" more next to other TV sets in the store.

    Usually, a lot of these things can be correctly set up pretty easily, it just takes a bit of digging into the menus. Give it a try.
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    I don't mind the difference towards my LCD panel at home.
    But when I want to show my colleague a photoshop job I've done at his LED monitor I'm always like "Errr...buddy...this should be GREEN and that RED...*cough*!" ((that is iMac 27" vs. Benq 24" LED))

    €: @sth: love your signature :D
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    Jun 4, 2011
    i have my imac 27inch and my lg 27 inch 1080p tv and the imac screen looks bigger but i havent found that the tv looks worse, i think it look better, as the imac has flawles crontrast, depth of field and saturation, i find my tv looks better, its like apple are making my eyes better with this imac :D

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