how do you film your computer screen as you work?


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Dec 7, 2005
If I want to create tutorials that show my mouse working on my screen how do I do this? I am sure there is software that I pay for that can do this and I'll take recommendations but is there anything free or in the things I own on my mac?

plundering through to figure out how to do these things.


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Apr 16, 2009
How bought ScreenFlow?

You could try Screen Flow!
But you can't put the film onto youtube!
Thats what anoyys me about it, Unless someone knows how to put it onto there? :D thats all i know and if you wanna film yourself you could have iMovie. But I think you can only get these two on macbook. So uhhh sorry to the other people who don't have macbook!!!


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Apr 1, 2009
iShowU is very good. Screenflow too is fantastic. A bit pricey but you can edit the video and sound like in iMovie before exporting the video. This makes doing re-takes very easy.



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Aug 8, 2008
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I've used screenflow but I have not figured out a way to capture video with custom frame or codec settings (please tell me if there's a work around). It appears to always capture in H.264 at 30 fps. After capture, I can export from H.264 into ProRes with custom frame settings, but by that time the video has already taken a hit. Is there any screen capture software for Mac that lets you capture directly into ProRes?

You could try Screen Flow!
But you can't put the film onto youtube!
I was able to put a 7 minute clip on youtube using ScreenFlow, though I only tried it once. I exported the video at H.264, but at 15 fps, at half the dimentions of my computer screen, then uploaded the exported copy. (Hope that helps, because that's about all the detail I remember).:eek:
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