How do you get by on 35/LTE

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by MacBH928, Mar 8, 2012.

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    So I was looking for internet bandwidth limit for 3g/4g for iPads/iphones and noticed that for $80 you get 10GB/m on verizon and on ATT you get 5GB for $50 !!!

    Now if you noticed, while LTE is very fast, if you download a single 1080P movie from iTunes it will burn your $50(movie to be paid for too) of your ATT subscription!!! thats it$50 to see 1 1080p movie.

    When you think about all the apps on iOS store, its not really difficult to find 1GB games, and whats funny is that those games get constantly updated it so you have to redownloaded the whole 1GB app. Add in and youtube viewing, iCloud sync-ing , you will notice that your wallet will burn before you can make any real use of this fast LTE technology.

    Now, a smart person would say "Just go back home and use your regular DSL/modem line" Sure, but then why did I get LTE iPad if all am going to use it for is email and web browsing?

    ANy one else noticed that this whole LTE/bandwidth is not working out?
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    For the few times you do need to download a large file on the cellular network.

    It works out just fine. Sync a 1080p movie to your iPad before you leave the house.
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    you can't download apps bigger than 50 MB on 4G
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    I have a 4G T-Mobile USB stick for that reason. I could probably pull out the SIM and stick it into an iPad 3 once they get their network up to speed and it'd work with no issue.

    I have a 2GB data plan, but once I go over, it just throttles me. Maybe that's a deal killer for most, but you can still use the internet and not get charged for the additional 50-100GB you may be using... Right? ;)

    And I have tethered two iPhones, an iPod Touch, and a Kindle Fire to it with no issues.

    It won't help when downloading from the app store, no, but you know... Go into a Starbucks, McDonald's, or most places now and find a wifi connection to use for two minutes. LOL.
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    I would give you a time period before LTE starts to take on the roll of real usage, but referencing with Moore's law is useless in the mobile world at the present. This was largely due to the inflated numbers that carriers priced the term GB(gigabyte) with. In '09 thirty dollars gave you as much data as you wanted to practically consume. In '12 that same thirty dollars can now give you at the most 4GB while on an LTE handset with Verizon.

    It's one big paradox if you ask me.

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