How do you handoff from MBP to iPhone?

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by havmir53, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. havmir53, Sep 26, 2014
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    havmir53 macrumors member

    Sep 10, 2014
    Ok ... I can get Handoff from iPhone to MBP ... I start out with the iPhone 6 ... I get into Safari ... go to a web site ... and on the left side of my MacBookPro's dock I get a new Safari icon with a tiny iPhone in a circle in it ... also works the same way with iMessages ... really handy! However, I can't seem to from my MacBookPro to my iPhone 6 ... that is to say ... I don't see the handoff icon in my iPhone 6.

    Anyone know how to handoff from Mac to iPhone ... or does it only work one way from iPhone to Mac? Thanks ...


    Well ... I think I've figured it out ... it does go both ways ... if you press the Home/Fingerprint button .. the iPhone puts a "page" on the left hand side that gives you the thing/application on the iPhone that you are working on in the Mac Book Pro ... nice touch :apple::D
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    Nov 13, 2013
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    I was wondering this too. I can't seem to use handoff on my new yosemite partition.
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    Sep 10, 2014
    I've got it working like gangbuster and going both ways know ... just have to enable handoff on both machines, e.g., the iPhone and the Mac, then sign out and sign back in to the same iCloud account on both machines ... oh and be sure both machines have their bluetooth radios on ... and be sure both are on the same WiFi network and band ... both must be on either 2.4 or 5.0 bands. Good luck ... its really neat when it works ... can start something on one machine and finish off on another.

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