how do you install Mac OS X in a Window desktop?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lllll, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm new and have never used a mac other than at school to surf the net. I heard people said you can partition your Window desktop so that it can run Mac OS, is that true? and what do they mean by partition? I have seen desktop that can choose to run either Vista or XP (when u turn on the comp), but can it also have an option to run Mac OS X? if so, how do you do it? instructional videos would be great. :D

    and once I get a Mac OS on my non-mac computer, will i be able to use it like it was a iMac? :apple:
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    Officially you're not aloud (apple doesn't like it) to run mac os x on a normal pc (non mackintosh). So you could hack it and make a hackintosh (as the poster above said). A virtual computer is not an option because it won't work either.

    However you can install windows on a mac, with bootcamp (so another partition and really running it on your mac) or with a virtual computer (VMWare, parallels).

    A partition is a virtual drive, kinda. When you have your hard drive and see it in your folder on your desktop; this computer, that's a partition. Partition's also have a structure. For example NTFS, FAT32 and the mac structure HFS.

    An OS needs his own partition. It needs his own drive. So virtual divide your hard drive into 2. One for windows and one for mac os x, because both want an hard drive for themself. I believe it's impossible to install 2 os'es on one hard (virtual) hard drive.
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    google hackintosh as said above and also research the osx86project my reccomendation is kalyway 10.5.6, its the most stable [​IMG] but there are questions about the legalities with this so be careful
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    the hackintosh thread is hella long. 99 pages. Wish someone would put up a guide or summary of the entire thread. :D I guess I'll have to do it the hard way, buy a used mac. :(
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    Contact Psystar. They'll help (for a small fee).
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    The basics:

    • Apple EULA only allows Mac OS to be installed on Apple hardware. However it's not clear if a EULA is a valid contract.
    • Building a "Hacintosh" is a complex project and, frankly if you have to ask "what is a partition" you will need to learn a lot more before you could even start a hackintosh project.
    • Buying a Mac is the easy way, the other way is much harder.

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