How do you know if SSD supports TRIM?

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    And if it doesn't support TRIM then how is your SSD going to work?

    Shouldn't they ALL support TRIM?

    What is the best Mavericks software for TRIM?
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    From the ones that I have used, they all do support it. If Windows 7 or 8.x detects that the drive is an SSD, it will disable defragmenting on the drive and enable TRIM if the drive is somewhat recent and reports supporting it.

    OS X only enables TRIM if the SSD manufacturer contains the string APPLE therefore effectively limiting TRIM to Apple OEM SSDs. I have three Apple devices with Apple SSDs, and TRIM is enabled on all of them starting with OS X 10.6.6 or there about.

    You can run some patching software that will circumvent OS X from only looking for APPLE in the manufacturers name and will accept any string there effectively enabling it for any SSD.

    With that said, I do not know what the result would be if you did not enable TRIM on an SSD and it began to get full. On my Mac Pro with the 512GB SSD, I could tell that if AHCI was not enabled (therefore disabling TRIM) the drive's WEI score for the disk drive went down several tenths in a short amount of time. After I enabled AHCI and TRIM functionality was regained, the drive sped back up to the baseline score it had when it was new.

    Perhaps owners of some third-party SSDs can chime in. I do know that some manufacturers say that you do not need it, but I am not sure what the long term side effects of that would be.
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    But the SSDs that people are buying these days are usually not Apple SSDs because they are upgrading MBP, MacMini HDDs with Toshiba, OCZ, Sammy SSDs etc. I'm upgrading my Mini server with 2 SSDs or SSD/1TB HDD combo.

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