How do you know if your playlist will fit on one CD?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Max on Macs, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Hi there,

    My mum just got a new car (Mazda MX 5 2.0 Sport) and she got it fitted with the BOSE 6-CD Sound System which can play MP3 CDs. So we ripped her music collection to AAC in iTunes 7 and set the burning mode to "MP3 CD" and then created a playlist. Now how do we know if all what we put in each playlist will fit on one CD? We don't want half an album on one CD and half an album on the next, so we need to know that what we're putting in each playlist will fit just one CD. Any ideas?

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    Select the playlist, and at the bottom of the iTunes window it will say how many megabytes it is taking up. If your CD-R is 650MB, then the playlist has to be less than that to fit on one CD.

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    Nearly all CD-R's these days are 700mb discs so you should be fine up to around 698 megs or so.

    I don't know if you can even buy 650 mb CD-R's anymore.

    EDIT: Note that for a MP3 player in a car that iTunes doesn't do a great job of organizing MP3 burned CD's. The way that a car stereo works is that it looks at each folder on the CD and navigates the songs that way. iTunes will copy all of the songs burned into one big folder, so any CD's you burn will have 120 tracks (or however many you put on the disc). I would recommend that you burn MP3 CD's with Toast or even through the Finder,just drag and drop the songs from your playlist, or music folder, into a burn folder in the Finder. Hope that isn't too confusing.
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    Sorry, but i do not think that will work because if your music is AAC, it cannot be burnt to an MP3 CD. You could covert all of the music to MP3, though it will take a while and may lower the sound quality a bit.
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    Since it's an mp3 discs is an option, I believe that it will work as long as the songs are not protected AAC. It should convert everything on the fly. I've read here that others have created discs from protected music, so that may be possible as well.

    However, that would likely make it difficult to calculate the final size of the music.

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