How do you make iTunes play songs from iTunes Match?

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    I originally posted this thread here, but it appears I was in the wrong forum.

    Basically, I signed up for iTunes Match, uploaded my music, blah blah blah. Well now I'm away from home where my music is stored on a network drive, and I'm trying to play my iCloud music from my macbook. However, it only wants to check for the songs on the network drive which I'm obviously not connected to. How do I access my iTunes Match songs from my macbook?
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    You have to delete the song from your local library (you'll notice a checkbox to also delete from iTunes Match, obviously don't check that). Then, while it stays visible, it'll have the little Cloud icon in the iTunes Match column if you have that turned on. When you play it, it will download it in the background while it plays the song (technically not streaming per se because it then keeps the file).

    My suggestion would actually be to create another iTunes Library and sign into Match in the blank library to do all of this, so that you don't lose the links to the external volume.

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    How I solved!

    Recently, February 2013, I had the same problem with my MacBook Pro. Mal's answer and suggestion are interesting, however, nowadays with the iTunes version running (11.0.1) I am not able to find the checkboxes in order to disable the music. Suggestion offered for Mal probably it's a good one. But I found an alternative way to fix the problem.
    You can create a new user, with the same Apple Id. So, change to this new user, open iTunes (which must appears with a blank library) and click on Store and then click on Activate iTunes. That's all. In a few minutes you can use your iTunes on the road, away from home. Of course, you will need an Internet connection.!

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