How do you manually manage pics in iPhoto?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by superspiffy, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. superspiffy macrumors 6502a

    Feb 6, 2007
    Is there a way to manually manage photos and stop the program from copying every picture I import to its own library?

    I hate the way iPhoto copies over your photos to its own library, thereby doubling the space that your photos take up. This is just like iTunes, but atleast in iTunes, I can manually manage my music and redirect the library to another drive (particularly an external hdd with more space). I haven't found a way to do this on iPhoto yet. I think it's great to be able to manage and edit and make albums with your pictures, but I won't be able to do it if iPhoto is going to eat a large chunk of my internal HDD space.
  2. 66217 Guest

    Jan 30, 2006
    You can change that in Preferences in iPhoto. The go to the Advanced tab. Adn de-select "copy to iPhotos library folder".

    But the idea of iPhoto is to not have to worry about where your photos are at the Finder. Just like iTunes.

    iPhoto is either you love it or you hate it.:) So you may want to find some other apps that might do what you want.
  3. killmoms macrumors 68040


    Jun 23, 2003
    Washington, DC
    I am so excited for the day when people who are obsessed with keeping their claws gripped tightly around every file on their systems disappear. :rolleyes:
  4. superspiffy thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Feb 6, 2007
    What are you trying to say?
  5. nightsky macrumors member

    Feb 18, 2007
    Mac Newbie Clawed by iPhoto

    I just purchased this Mac Laptop b/c experience with Mac is an industry requirement. I am a longtime windows user, and linux newbie I am excited over the day when software companies obsessed w/keeping their claws gripped tightly around every aspect of my wallet, communication, and work tools disappear.

    If I burn my photographs using iPhoto, come to find out they can't be viewed with any other program. I need to get my photographs out of iphoto and onto CDs I can view using any program. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Phil Indeblanc macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2016

    I think Killmoms was clear, if you want someone else to run your life, and photos, enslave yourself to something that will be in control of you, and your things, embrace being controlled. Otherwise being in control is just so passe! Hehe...Just be on pain killers and sleeping pills at all times is what he is trying to tell you.

    Its amazing how the flip side of having control of YOUR images is now a bad thing. So if you're an idiot who doesn't want to know, and think ignorance is bless, and "Ill take it as you dish it out", then the iPhotos works well. I can understand for newbs and our grandparents, its a WIN way to go. But there should be a way to unlock!If you know what you're doing and want to manage things yourself, then it certainly is a POS. I am hear, as I want to be able to manage my image in a folder heirchy structure, and I need something to allow this. Maybe its so simple I missed it, as I do love the hardware of my Macbook Pro that costs me $2800+, and I have yet to be able to import my photos to either Photo editing DAM app, as those apps don't know where the images reside! Its a love/hate relationship I have with my MBPro!

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