How do *you* play video games on your Mac?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by zooby, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. zooby, Apr 15, 2015
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    Didn't have BootCamp on my iMac, but Elite Dangerous was the game that pushed me to install it. Buy Windows 8.1 & a big USB stick to help install it. Buy a Warthog HOTAS controller, and TrackIR too.

    I've gone from "no idea what games are even out on PC" to "almost never booting into OSX any more". My next computer may be a PC now, even though I've been exclusively a Mac user/owner for 25 years.

    Anyhow, I've never tried CrossOver / WINE.. Virtualisation might work ok for slower strategy games etc. but I doubt if its an option for anything more demanding. Years ago I played some PC games via emulation, and was very happy with the performance, but I don't think that'd work any more! ;)
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    Generally speaking gaming performance is better for the Windows versions of games (plus, of course, you have a much wider selection of games in the first place). I have historically run a Bootcamp install on my MacPro 1,1 with upgraded video card, but a couple years back I just built a dedicated Win7 gaming rig and that's worked well for me.

    However, both myself and my daughter game on Mac Laptops using Bootcamp with excellent success. Since you are concerned about space, here is what I did on her system (13" Retina MacBook Pro):

    a) Internal storage (256gb) split 75/25 (ish) between Mac and Bootcamp. Mac OS, Applications, and user files installed on Mac partition. Windows 7 on the Bootcamp partition.

    b) 256gb high-speed XDSC card ($110), reformatted and split 50/50 Mac and Windows (NTFS). Games for Mac (plus other big files) installed to Mac portion. Windows Games (windows is only used for games) installed to Windows portion.

    Works great and was an inexpensive solution. She runs DAO, DA2, Fallout 3, FNV, Skyrim, etc. etc. and it all runs great, speed-wise feels as if she's running purely off the internal SSD.

    Hopefully that gives you some good ideas. (BTW, I've never seen a single game run well in virtualization, period. I'm sure it works OK for some older games, but gave both Parallels and Fusion another chance recently and both failed spectacurarly even on somewhat older games such as DAO).
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    #4 other way for me that is acceptable.
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    I have a 256GB SSD inside a USB 3.0 enclosure for "bootcamp."

    I know in the old days with linux as my main OS, I would get around a 10fps performance drop using WINE which I didn't think was too bad. But I am not sure how good WINE is on OSX.
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    Luckily most of the games I play on steam are Mac compatible! I find boot camp real inconvenient to have to reboot just to play games. For those two windows only games I play, I use parallels and reduce the graphics.
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