How do you prefer your battery indicator?

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How do you prefer your battery indicator?

  1. With Numerical Percentage

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  2. Icon Only

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  1. trusso Suspended

    Oct 4, 2003
    More of a philosophical question than anything, I thought I'd ask who prefers the numerical percentage shown next to the battery icon, and who opts for merely the icon indicator? This can apply to Mac, iPhone and/or iPad.

    For myself, I've had the numerical percentage switched on for years, because I preferred to see an actual number. Perhaps this made feel a little more "in control." Recently, however, I've opted to turn this setting off on my devices, because I felt that I might be fretting a little too much about how much charge I'd use on a daily basis. I've noticed a subtle change in how I approach both using and charging my devices (in general, charging less often, and worrying less about it).

    If anyone else has their own take on how something as small as a percentage indicator might actually influence how we interact with our devices, I would be interested to hear it. It's a very minor nuance, and it almost seems silly to talk about, except that with all these miracles of technology becoming so ingrained into our daily routines, some of these minor nuances are bound to cast a wider influence than perhaps we are even aware of.


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