How do you promote your business?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by SparkFlash, Nov 19, 2015.

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    With the web now being overrun with web design "businesses" (basically anyone with a computer and photoshop now a days), how do you promote your business? This is aimed more at small business than established teams with a marketing group.

    So how do you get your clients? Referal only?
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    If you promote your business, then here are the most effective way for promoting your business easly.

    1.Local Listing
    2.Social Meadia Promotion
    3.Blog Posting
    4.Create youtube video
    5.SEO your company website
    6.Join relevent community
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    Jan 4, 2016
    The best way to promote your business is Online marketing. Through online marketing you can ensure a huge number of genuine leads. SEO and social media promotion are the best online marketing ways to promote your local business.
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    Nov 28, 2014
    It all depends on the size of your company (just you or multiple staff), your experience level, the quality of your work, and how much work you have time to commit to. You are so right that developers that are willing to take advantage of clients, but really have very little experience, are out there by the thousands. If you are an independent developer that has a good network of personal references and referrals, are honest and easy to work with, and have pleased your past clients at reasonable rates for your skill set, then work will likely fall into your lap. If you are a POS the promises more than your can deliver then you'll need to advertise and lie about your abilities to stay in business.

    The unfortunate thing is that my last comment is a commonality in today's business market. To get political, it seems to be the dividing factor between the Left (willing to help others and do business in a reasonable and fair way), and the Right (willing to take advantage anyone as long as you personally benefit).
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    One thing I tried recentl was targeted admail in Canada, where I sent a flyer to businessss in a certain geographical location. Seemed to work moderately well as I was aiming for small town business and Mail is still their medium.

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