How do you put photos on Iphone?

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    Is there any way to put specific events of photos on the iphone? Let me explain, I have a Macbook with Iphoto. When I sync my phone to the computer, I can go into the photo section while syncing and sync photos, but when I try to get into iphoto, it only lets me add all photos, the last 6 months, or most recent. If I try to get into iphoto by looking in folders, the iphoto section is grayed out.
    I just want to add a few specific events of photos that I have. Is this possible, it seems like it would and I am just not doing something right. I can add specific playlists for an ipod, but not photos. Thanks for the help!!!
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    Create albums with the photos you want to add, then select in iTunes which ones you want to sync.
    Also you can email them to your email account in your iPhone and by clicking on the move to folder icon in the mail app you can choose to copy it to your iPhone photos.
    Also with mobile me you may be able to do something.
    Use your iphone camera, and you will get them...:)
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    I don't think you are doing anything wrong. When you select iPhoto and the the radio button for events, you choices are only "all" or "XX most recent."

    Silly, I agree. :eek:
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    Smart response McGiord

    Ecellent advice McGiord Thanks

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