How do you rate Apples own Apps?

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  1. flori13, Feb 19, 2016
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    Apr 10, 2015
    ( I didn't find a thread similar to this, so if one exists, please close this one.)

    I was wondering how you would rate the execution of Apples own Applications on iOS 9.2.1 (or 9.3b) from 0 (worst) to 10 (best). If you want, you can give an explanation of why you chose that rating.
    If enough people rate, I could calculate the average, median, etc.

    This is part of a small university project, so it would help me a lot, and maybe this would create a great overview on which Apps Apple needs to improve.

    I created a templete, so it's easier for you to rate. (Starting on the homescreen from left to right)
    You can also give a rating on a few apps if the whole list is too cumbersome for you.

    This is primarily for iPhone Applications, but if you want, you can put iPad and iPod ratings in brackets.

    Thank you very much for participating.

    • Messages:
    • Calendar:
    • Photos:
    • Camera:
    • Weather:
    • Clock:
    • Maps:
    • Videos:
    • Wallet:
    • Notes:
    • Reminders:
    • Stocks:
    • iTunes Store:
    • App Store:
    • iBooks:
    • News:
    • Health:
    • Settings:
    • Phone:
    • Safari:
    • Mail:
    • Music:
    • Activity:
    • Watch:
    • Facetime:
    • Calculator:
    • Game Center:
    • Compass:
    • Tips:
    • Voice Memos:
    • Contacts:
    • Find my Friends:
    • Find my iPhone:
    • iCloud Drive:
    • Podcasts:
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    I start :D

    • Messages: 9 - reliable and simple, but the 2 microphones symbols on the screen are not a good idea IMO, quick actions
    • Calendar: 7 - needs a much improved calender overview, but good enough for most people
    • Photos: 8 - needs improvement on showing live photos, iCloud Photo Library not always reliable in my experience.
    • Camera: 8 - don’t like the „new“ icon, placement and size of the camera-switch-button compared to filters button is ridiculous
    • Weather: 9 - could need more information, otherwise nice design
    • Clock: 10
    • Maps: 6 - still, one of Apples weakest apps IMO. They made improvements over time but transit is not available in my country, flyover can’t compete with streetview
    • Videos: 10
    • Wallet: 10 - Apple Pay is awesome
    • Notes: 8 - why they chose yellow on white is still beyond me
    • Reminders: 8
    • Stocks: 9 - great for what it is for, maybe compare to stocks side by side would be great
    • iTunes Store: 10 - great for what it is for
    • App Store: 9
    • iBooks: 7
    • News: is not available in my country
    • Health: 8
    • Settings: 9
    • Phone: 10 - amazing since day 1
    • Safari: 8
    • Mail: 8 - cannot compete to other, better email apps, but it is good at the basics
    • Music: 3 - by far the worst app atm from Apple. If you are not subscribed to AM, the App becomes worse than the iOS 8 version. if you are subscribed, every section desperately needs improvements. other things: recents on top aren’t scrollable sideways, overcomplicated, bugs bugs bugs, breaks a lot of things you have learned from other apps.
    • Activity: 8 - great, maybe add a map, and let me set different goals for different days. more achievements and better showing of recent achievements to keep me motivated
    • Watch: 10
    • Facetime: 10
    • Calculator: 10
    • Game Center: 6 - needs rework
    • Compass: 10
    • Tips: 5 - poor execution
    • Voice Memos: 10
    • Contacts: 10
    • Find my Friends: 10
    • Find my iPhone: 10
    • iCloud Drive: 8
  2. John Mcgregor Suspended

    John Mcgregor

    Aug 21, 2015
    Music app at worst is 6, definitely not 3. Don't start this ******** argument again.
  3. keysofanxiety macrumors G3


    Nov 23, 2011
    Goodness help people having different opinions - and I'd say dogmatically presenting your opinion as irrefutable fact is more likely to rile people up. Personally I think the Music app is an unintuitive buggy mess, and a score of 3 is more than generous.
  4. John Mcgregor Suspended

    John Mcgregor

    Aug 21, 2015
    Opinions are just that opinions. There are plenty of ways to rate it objectively and there is not one where it gets 3 out of 10. Get real.
  5. keysofanxiety macrumors G3


    Nov 23, 2011
    Horse hockey. You think a 3/10 rating is just petulance? Let's rate it objectively.

    - Simple? No. You need to swipe around like a magician to bring up the most basic features.

    - Does the fundementals of what a music app should do, well? No. The scrubbing is rubbish. The volume slider doesn't work smoothly or consistently either.

    - Intuitive? Heck no. It's form over function - looks pretty but damned impossible to use if you dive straight into it. Plus if you sync with Apple Music, then say goodbye to consistent album art, genres, album names, album art.

    It's got steadily slower, more complicated, more bloated, and less functional with each iteration. So the fact that it can't play/scrub music as well as the Music app from iOS 4 -- yes, I'd say there's a scenario that gives it 3 out of 10.

    Don't dismiss people's opinions just because you don't agree with them. Do the courtesy of trying to understand the other point, even if you still disagree.
  6. iOSUser7 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 23, 2014
    Please stop, you are the one who is trying to start this debate again. He just gave his opinion, even if he rated it 0 out of 10, what's your problem with that ?
  7. Beeplance macrumors 68000


    Jul 29, 2012
    Thank goodness my main music player is my iPod Touch 4th generation which is still running iOS 6.1.

    I can stay with iOS 6 music app forever.
  8. flori13 thread starter macrumors member


    Apr 10, 2015
    After subscribed to Apple Music since Day 1 using the app last week without subscription, this is my opinion. And thats the point of this thread, collect opinions. Anyways, thank you for contributing I guess.
  9. iOSUser7 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 23, 2014
    By the way, here is my contribution to the thread :

    * Messages: 10. No complains here, get the job done.
    * Calendar: 7. Sometimes I have hard time finding something but overall a good app.
    * Photos: 8. Great app but I'm tired of the "recently deleted" feature sometimes, I think we should have the option to disable it.
    * Camera: 10. Excellent. Very reliable app, just shoot the photo and you're done.
    * Weather: 10. No complains here, get the job done.
    * Clock: 8. Great app, just wish it has a customizable snooze time.
    * Maps: 8. Very cool app, I don't understand the common hate about it, I personnally prefer it over the Google Maps app.
    * Videos: N/A. I never use this app for some reason, I use VLC instead.
    * Wallet: N/A. I don't use this app.
    * Notes: 6. I think it needs some work, it could be a better app overall.
    * Reminders: 0. I'm a iOS user since 2012 and I just never figured out how this app work.
    * Stocks: N/A. I don't use this app, it's useless in my opinion.
    * iTunes Store: 8. It's a okay app.
    * App Store: 8. Pretty similar to the iTunes Store, so 8 again for the same reason.
    * iBooks: N/A. I don't use this app.
    * News: N/A. This app is not available in my country yet.
    * Health: 3. I really don't like how the health app works, I just can't find some basics informations like how many steps I made during a month for example.
    * Settings: 8. Great app, not fully overloaded with useless **** (hello TouchWiz).
    * Phone: 10. No complains, get the job done.
    * Safari: 8. Best mobile browser in my opinion. Really improved on iOS 9 with the adblocking feature and 3D Touch to preview links. Though it could have some little work here and there.
    * Mail: 7. Cool app, no big complains but just like some apps on this list I think it could have some work.
    * Music: 5. I have mixed feelings about this app. I like the new design and new features (up next, etc...) introduced in iOS 8.4 but the app has become much more complicated. Some things that requiered to tap on one button before now require 2 or 3 buttons tap which is a shame. Also the app is too much focused on Apple Music compared to before. Oh and talking about Apple Music, it's **** and buggy. In my opinion, Spotify destroy it.
    * Activity: N/A. I don't have this app because I have no Apple Watch.
    * Watch: N/A. Never use this app because, again, I have no Apple Watch.
    * Facetime: 6. No big complains on this app, get the job done though I think it's pretty useless and confusing because you can already FaceTime with the Phone app. Also, I think it needs a redesign.
    * Calculator: 10. Simple app, no complains.
    * Game Center: 7. Need some work, I think it can be confusing. Also, what the **** is wrong with this app, it takes forever to launch sometimes even on the latest hardware.
    * Compass: N/A. I don't use this app it's useless for me.
    * Tips: N/A. I don't use this app but it's yet another bloatware app. Seriously, I just can't find any reason of why Apple include it in iOS. There is an online iOS Manual for these kind of tips.
    * Voice Memos: N/A. I never use this app.
    * Contacts: 7. Just like FaceTime, no complains but I think this app is useless (on iPhone, it's not on iPad/iPod) because the Phone app does the exact same thing.
    * Find my Friends: N/A. I don't use this app but it bothers me for the same reasons as the Tips app.
    * Find my iPhone: 8. Pretty nice app, no complains.
    * iCloud Drive: N/A. I don't use iCloud Drive so I have not enabled this app in the settings.

    It's a bit long but I hope I helped. :D
  10. cambookpro macrumors 603


    Feb 3, 2010
    United Kingdom
    I'll play.

    • Messages: 8/10 - does most things quite well, but things like group iMessages still aren't as good as apps like FB Messenger (no individual read receipts, can't set group photo, etc).
    • Calendar: 4/10 - the pre-iOS 7 version was a lot more useful. Please bring back coloured dots on days, and when you have lots of all-day events, space is often woefully allocated. Why do I want to scroll to see the list of all-day events in week view when there's two-thirds of the screen just blank white space? Have switched to Fantastical.
    • Photos: 7/10 - does most things well. No major complaints, though the whole iCloud Photo Library/Photo Stream thing is a bit confusing, especially as some products like Apple TV still aren't compatible with iCloud Photo Library. Might be more of an iCloud complaint.
    • Camera: 9/10 - just works (which is fairly rare now!). Not completely sold on the way to switch between modes and don't see the reason for Square, but fairly minor.
    • Weather: 8/10 - probably the best designed weather app I've seen, just the data source it uses, in the UK at least, isn't as accurate as something like the Met Office.
    • Clock: 10/10 - I like this one, especially the touches such as world clock in landscape. Does everything it needs to do well.
    • Maps: 5/10 - the app is well designed, but while it's getting better, still nowhere near as good as Google Maps for things like local POI and smaller towns. For example, search for 'Costa' (a very common coffee chain) and it returns 'Coast, Kenya'. Not very helpful.
    • Videos: 9/10 - works well. No major complaints.
    • Wallet: 9/10 - pretty good.
    • Notes: 7/10 - no problems with the (admittedly basic) functionality, but the yellow buttons/white faux paper design seems strange.
    • Reminders: 10/10 - I like the cards interface, usually works very well. All I want in a reminders app.
    • Stocks: NA - don't use this enough to rate it
    • iTunes Store: 7/10 - UI is just a bit strange and inconsistent. Going to wishlists when on TV Programmes or Films results in a murky grey top bar, and the segmented control can often appear in the wrong place. Not awful, but not particularly polished.
    • App Store: 9/10 - pretty good, though 'Explore' seems to be a bit of a waste of a tab bar button. Family Sharing purchases also often take a long time to appear.
    • iBooks: 9/10 - I just wish there was a Folders option, as I'd like to sort books into series/sections on the bookshelf without resorting to wholly separate collections. The automatic grouping often doesn't work with purchased books, and flat out doesn't work if you've bought the book from anywhere else than the iBookstore.
    • News: NA - tried it for a day or two but hasn't replaced Reeder.
    • Health: 8/10 - not bad, getting better in 9.3, but I feel like it's not fully developed. Why can't I see a larger graph in landscape, for example?
    • Settings: 10/10 - now search has been introduced, no complaints
    • Phone: 10/10 - does what it says on the tin
    • Safari: 8/10 - usually fine, but gestures like tapping at the top to get to the top of the page vs just showing the top bar often get confused. Feels like it could be better.
    • Mail: 7/10 - it's fine, but not very sophisticated. Can often keep asking for the password for an account too, which other email clients don't which still work.
    • Music: 2/10 - God, I dread having to open this app now. For one, it's very buggy (I've just opened it and the 'My Music' tab bar icon isn't showing up), but my main gripe is if you're not an Apple Music subscriber, it's just not very easy to use. Whereas my library used to be split nicely into Albums, Artists, Songs, Playlists etc, this is now shoehorned into one tab bar and switched via a menu. Not very quick or easy at all. I don't care about Connect or Radio either, which takes up half the tab at the bottom. Also does nothing in landscape, and the way the menu bar at the top just drapes over album artwork can result in some horrible messes. Separate Apple Music into another app and make a dedicated one for local music. It's a shambles really, I'm just glad I moved to Spotify.
    • Activity: 8/10 - no major complaints, it could have more features but it's good at what it does.
    • Watch: 7/10 - OK, but the way some kind of half-arsed attempt at an App Store is tacked on at the end doesn't exactly instil great confidence.
    • Facetime: 7/10 - not bad, but no easy way to store Favourites like in the phone app. I don't really see the need for it to be a separate app (it wasn't pre-iOS 6 ish).
    • Calculator: 8/10 - fine for a basic calculator, can't do anything more than simple arithmetic though really without it becoming increasingly difficult to see what you're calculating.
    • Game Center: 4/10 - I don't really know what this app does or why I need it. Surely everything can just be an SDK apps can utilise?
    • Compass: 10/10 - nicely designed (one that came through the iOS 7 redesign majorly improved) and is fluid, quick and easy to use.
    • Tips: NA - haven't really used it.
    • Voice Memos: 7/10 - OK, but the white space at the bottom, especially when you have no recordings, looks a bit lazy. The 'No Recordings' text doesn't even fill a cell and isn't centred which is inconsistent from the rest of the OS. The black bit at the top also gets randomly hidden without any obvious way to get it back.
    • Contacts: 9/10 - nothing spectacular but does its job well.
    • Find my Friends: 10/10 - works well.
    • Find my iPhone: 10/10 - see above.
    • iCloud Drive: 7/10 - wish we could nest folders.
  11. adamhenry, Feb 19, 2016
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    Jan 1, 2015
    On the Beach
    You are correct. IMO the music app rates less than 3 for being a cluttered, convoluted, overly complicated, nonintuitive mess.
  12. Mlrollin91 macrumors G5


    Nov 20, 2008
    Ventura County
    • Messages: 9 - Wish it allowed the option to cancel a message (if you are fast enough)
    • Calendar: 7 - No complaints but kind of weak.
    • Photos: 8 - Would prefer more editing tools built in.
    • Camera: 9 - Options to change resolution within the app would be nice.
    • Weather: 9 - No issues at all, updating icon would be nice.
    • Clock: 10
    • Maps: 8 - Maps has definitely gotten better, would like to see street view though.
    • Videos: 9
    • Wallet: 8
    • Notes: 7 - Would like to see color and some other options for notes. iOS 9 made notes better, but I think more can be done.
    • Reminders: N/A - Don't use it.
    • Stocks: 5 - Neutral. Basic functions,
    • iTunes Store: 8
    • App Store: 8
    • iBooks: N/A - Don't use it.
    • News: 6 - Needs some work. I don't want to call it 'glitchy' but it can be temperamental. Wish their were filter options.
    • Health: 8 - Getting better as time goes by, but wish I had ways to filter information and import information.
    • Settings: 9 - No issues. Search was a nice added feature.
    • Phone: 10 - No problems.
    • Safari: 9 - Pretty much issue-free.
    • Mail: 9 - My primary mail app, no complaints.
    • Music: 6 - Definitely could be better. Haven't used it much since my Apple Music Trial expired. Back to Pandora/iHeart Radio.
    • Activity: 7 - Could use some update, maybe a search function for specific workouts and/or data?
    • Watch: 7 - Watch app itself isn't bad, but the Watch app store is awful.
    • Facetime: 8 - One day I hope we get multi-way calling.
    • Calculator: 9 - No complaints
    • Game Center: 6 - Don't really use it, but its pretty much the same as it been for years, time for an update.
    • Compass: 9 - Fast and easy to use, level is very convenient.
    • Tips: N/A - Don't use it.
    • Voice Memos: 8
    • Contacts: 8
    • Find my Friends: 7 - Wish it offered a little bit more. Such as in-app mapping, travel time and more. Also the ability of having a 'moving target' with mapping. If you select the option to view in maps, it doesn't update the location if the person moves.
    • Find my iPhone: 8 - No issues, lacking in some features. Similar to FmF, I wish it had in-app mapping with travel time. Also, the ability to display coordinates and elevation would be useful.
    • iCloud Drive: N/A - Don't use it.
  13. John Mcgregor Suspended

    John Mcgregor

    Aug 21, 2015
    cluttered, convoluted, overly complicated, nonintuitive mess. - argument from ignorance.
    --- Post Merged, Feb 20, 2016 ---
    It's incorrect and misleading.
  14. iOSUser7 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 23, 2014
    Yeah sure, your opinion is the best in the world and we should all shut up, OK whatever.
  15. oldmacs macrumors 601


    Sep 14, 2010
    No its not, it is his opinion.

    I would give it a 3 or 4 also, as that is my opinion of the app.

    We're glad you like it but that has no bearing on anyone else's enjoyment of the app.
  16. nightcap965 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 11, 2004
    Cape Cod
    • Messages: 10 Works like a champ, no complaints
    • Calendar: 10 Ditto.
    • Photos: 9 Would love the ability to easily mark and remove duplicates.
    • Camera: 10 Great
    • Weather: 8 OK, but I don't live at the Chatham Airport. I like Dark Sky.
    • Clock: 10 Has all the function I want
    • Maps: 6 I would really like Apple to accept my correction and get my home address right
    • Videos: X Don't take videos
    • Wallet: 10 The integration to my Apple Watch is seamless, and it works like a champ.
    • Notes: 8 I would like to see word and character count. I wish there were a reliable means of importing from Evernote.
    • Reminders: 8 Great, but would like to sort. Groceries by aisle, for example
    • Stocks: 10 Use every day
    • iTunes Store: 8 Meh
    • App Store: 8 Meh
    • iBooks: 8 Prefer Kindle
    • News: 6 Prefer Google News. Would like to be able to restrict topics
    • Health: 10 Thanks to this and the Activity app on the Apple Watch, I'm down 70 pounds
    • Settings: 10 Works.
    • Phone: 10 Works fine
    • Safari: 9 Works fine
    • Mail: 9 Works fine
    • Music: 5 Not interested
    • Activity: 10 See Health app
    • Watch: 10 See Health app
    • Facetime: 8 Almost never use
    • Calculator: 10 It's a calculator
    • Game Center: 5 I don't play solitaire against other people
    • Compass: 9 It's a compass
    • Tips: 8 OK, I guess
    • Voice Memos: 9 Handy
    • Contacts: 10 Works great
    • Find my Friends: 10 It allowed me to track my wife when she had a medical emergency while I wasn't there.
    • Find my iPhone: 9 For me, not so much. But the Unindicted Co-Conspirator uses it rather frequently
    • iCloud Drive: 9 Finally, it works.
  17. AlliFlowers Contributor


    Jan 1, 2011
    L.A. (Lower Alabama)
    Does Siri count as an Apple app? I've come to really love and depend on Siri. Just last night I woke up at 2 a.m., thinking about a meeting I have on April 1st. Without opening my eyes or rolling over, I simply said "hey Siri, [pause], remind me on March 1st to send out meeting reminder for XXX. I love reminders. Couldn't live without them.

    I use Apple maps exclusively, and have never had a problem.

    The only Apple app I really find worthless is the calendar. Without Informant I'd be tempted to leave iOS.
  18. SMIDG3T Suspended


    Apr 29, 2012
    It's funny how it varies by person. For me the Music app has been brilliant, granted, the UI could do with a few coats of polish but bug-wise, no major issues. Oh and remember it's a brand new piece of software.
  19. adamhenry macrumors 68000


    Jan 1, 2015
    On the Beach
    Name calling is your best argument? Very poor.
  20. Elisha macrumors 6502a


    Nov 21, 2006
    I would give the clock 3/10 for sucking as an alarm clock compared to something like Timely!
  21. Abazigal macrumors G4


    Jul 18, 2011
    They get the job done, but there are often better alternatives out there.
  22. pika2000 macrumors 601

    Jun 22, 2007
    • Messages: rarely use it. If I have to rate it, maybe 7/10
    • Calendar: 9/10 straightforward and supports many accounts
    • Photos: 9/10 does its job with basic editing that most ppl would use
    • Camera: 9/10 reason why I prefer iPhone for a camera than any Android phone, regardless of the spec. Panorama feature is better than most solutions out there.
    • Weather: 8/10
    • Clock: 8/10
    • Maps: 3/10 No public transport support nor extensive local search vs Google maps in the area where I am currently in. The only time I run it is if I tap on it by accident
    • Videos: 5/10 VLC is better
    • Wallet: 3/10 I can never find out how to use this. All my boarding passes, gift cards, etc, are never there.
    • Notes: NA Never use it.
    • Reminders: 7/10 Basic and functional. Good enough
    • Stocks: NA Never use it
    • iTunes Store: 7/10
    • App Store: 7/10
    • iBooks: 8/10 Too bad Apple doesn't make e-ink e-readers. Thus I have to use Kindle to have my e-books.
    • News: 6/10
    • Health:8/10 The potential of this is quite big
    • Settings: 7/10
    • Phone: 8/10
    • Safari: 9/10 IMO best mobile browser.
    • Mail: 9/10 I like iOS version of Mail, much much more than other email app on other platforms. I think it is the only mobile email client that can view HTML emails properly. The emaiil app on Android sucks at this.
    • Music: 5/10 Used to be fine, but it's not crashing on a regular basis. I feel it's because of Apple music. Seriously Apple, how can you break a simple music player app?
    • Activity:NA
    • Watch:NA
    • Facetime:NA
    • Calculator:NA (use P calc)
    • Game Center: NA
    • Compass:NA
    • Tips:NA
    • Voice Memos:7/10 Does its job
    • Contacts:8/10
    • Find my Friends:NA
    • Find my iPhone: 9/10
    • iCloud Drive:NA
  23. cableguy84 macrumors 65816


    Sep 7, 2015
    Haven't got an issue with most of the apps.

    Apart from health and the watch app. I dont own an apple watch and most likely never will, the health app just seems broken
  24. arubinst macrumors 6502

    May 26, 2008
    Lausanne - Switzerland
    Here's my contribution:
    • Messages: 9 - It works as advertised. I like the fact that it syncs with my other devices including my Mac, even for non iMessage messages. It would receive a 10 if it was available in other platforms (never gonna happen...). I use Whatsapp most of the time.
    • Calendar: 7 - Just ok
    • Photos: 9
    • Camera: 9
    • Weather: 8 - as an app it's really good. But weather information for my country is useless
    • Clock: 10
    • Maps: 7 - Got much better with time. I still prefer Google maps
    • Videos: 5 - Don't use it on the iPhone. I used it a lot on the iPad until I became a Plex pass user and started syncing. There's no excuse for the Videos app to not support other video codecs and containers.
    • Wallet: 10 - Just perfect
    • Notes: 10
    • Reminders: 6 - Somehow confusing and geofence reminders never work for me.
    • Stocks: 8
    • iTunes Store: Never use it
    • App Store: 7 - It's ok but inexplicably slow
    • iBooks: 10 - Use it on my iPad. Just perfect.
    • News: Not available in my country
    • Health: 5 - Confusing. Useless in its current state
    • Settings: 8 - It's becoming more and more complicated with time
    • Phone: 10
    • Safari: 9 - I like it as much as I like Safari on my Mac
    • Mail: 8 - It's ok. Why doesn't it support IMAP idle?
    • Music: 3 - OMG, where do I begin?
    • Activity: 8
    • Watch: 8
    • Facetime: 10 - Really amazing. Use it everyday. Works great. Whatever happened to open sourcing the protocol?
    • Calculator: 8 - Just ok
    • Game Center: Never use it
    • Compass: 8 - I hardly ever use it but it's alright. I like the level utility
    • Tips: I've opened it probably once
    • Voice Memos: Don't use it enough to give an opinion or rate
    • Contacts: 10 - It's perfect but kind of redundant
    • Find my Friends: 10 - Excellent. Use it everyday
    • Find my iPhone: 10
    • iCloud Drive: 7 - Too basic
    Cheers !
  25. LordQ Suspended


    Sep 22, 2012
    I'll join:
    • Messages: 10, I love it, I just wish Android had iMessage and FaceTime so I could finally ditch that Facebook-owned crap called WhatsApp.
    • Calendar: 9. I don't have any issues with it, could use some polish here and there though.
    • Photos: 8. Again, no issues. I just wish for a third option where iCloud Photo Library would not download the photos until explicitly requested, a clear cache button and an export to iCloud Drive option.
    • Camera: 10. Does what it is meant to, perfectly. Maybe remove the square option, the filters and a manual focus system.
    • Weather: 10. Beautiful app.
    • Clock: 10. It just works.
    • Maps: 8. Still missing quite a lot of POI but usability is on point.
    • Videos: 10. Good app.
    • Wallet: N/A Apple Pay is not available in my country.
    • Notes: 9. Maybe they can ditch the yellow for a friendlier colour, and the faux paper.
    • Reminders: 5. I used to love the iOS 6 Reminders app but the post iOS 7 I didn't like it (the icon, oh, God, the icon). The cards interface is cool, but the app is a bit confusing.
    • Stocks: 10 on functionality as it works as it should, but c'mon, who uses it?
    • iTunes Store: 9. I don't like the black UI on the movies section. All white or all black, Apple, c'mon.
    • App Store: 10. Good.
    • iBooks: 10. Love it.
    • News: 7. Could use a lot of refinements such as filters, more content, add a website to the feed. And make it available in Mexico!
    • Health: N/A never used it
    • Settings: 10. Easy and intuitive.
    • Phone: 10. It just works.
    • Safari: 10. Best browser.
    • Mail: 10. No problems, daily driver.
    • Music: 8. As I don't use Apple Music, I don't have clutter problems or weird songs issues. Not very intuitive UI when it comes to non-scrolling recents, the menu for selecting albums, songs, etc is a really ugly implementation. Not sure how I feel about Connect as almost no artists I "follow" use it. Maybe ditch that.
    • Activity: N/A. No Apple Watch yet.
    • Watch: Ditto.
    • Facetime: 10. Love it. Maybe multi conference someday. Agree that it shouldn't be its own app, instead a tab on the phone app (replacing voicemail)
    • Calculator: 9. It should do conversions!
    • Game Center: N/A I've never opened the app since iOS 4.
    • Compass: 6. I really think this is the most useless app. It should be replaced completely by a 'Level' app and move the compass to the Maps app.
    • Tips: N/A. Never opened that bloatware crap
    • Voice Memos: 9. Love the top part, the white part on the other hand... ugh. And the icon should be black with white waves. It just works though.
    • Contacts: 6. Should not exist on the iPhone as the Phone app does the same.
    • Find my Friends: N/A never used that bloatware crap either.
    • Find my iPhone: 10. Best app ever, and curse the guy who stole my 4s.
    • iCloud Drive: 8. Love it, but could use some 3D Touch love such as peek and pop. Also, needs way more integration with stock and third-party apps and move documents. (And 5GB sucks but that's Apple being cheap)

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