How Do You Record Conversations On Your IPhone

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Hi all, I wondered whether you could help me.
    Being in business I have some very important calls that need recording, especially when conversations and what I say could either get me in trouble or get me out of trouble.

    I used to have a Sony Ericsson a few years ago but switched to IPhone.

    The Sony Ericsson was fantastic because it allowed me to record both incoming and outgoing calls without the other party knowing, which has got me out if so many awkward spots especially when someone is saying they didn't say that, or I said this and I didn't.

    Since I have had my IPhone I have been unable to do this and i do really like the phone, but this application is so important to me i may have to switch ti a smart phone that does have this option. Does the new Samsung Galaxy III have an option to do this at a press of a button before you make a call or if a call comes in, or can I get an app that allows me to do it on my I phone at a press of a button and with ease.

    Thank you
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    You are aware that is illegal is just about every state right? Not to mention that its pretty scummy that you are recording private conversations without the other persons consent. How much of a soap opera is your life where you need to do that?
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    No judgement applied, this could be of interest to you:

    If you live in the US - illegal. If you live somewhere else - check the local laws before residing to recording calls. There might be other apps available for this. In many cases, the recording app will produce a beeping sound in the background being invoked every several seconds indicating that the call is being recorded. In most cases, it could be legal to record calls if the other party consents to it prior to the call.

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