How do you restore iPhone without losing everything?

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    Jul 30, 2010
    I don't get iCloud is, it sounds complicated to me so i decided to disable it on my iPhone. Now i need to restore my iPhone as im having problems with it. I have decided to backup my stuff on iTunes and then restore it.

    Last time i did it on my dads iPhone and i had lost everything on it, i did backup before restore, but after it restored it asked me if wanted to restore from backup or start as new iphone, and the only options were my own iPhone backups. I couldnt find any of his backups, so i ended up starting as new iPhone and lost everything on it. :(

    Now i need to restore my moms iPhone and i dont want to lose everything again. So after doing bit of research, i was told how you restore properly without losing files but wanted to ask if you lot think this is correct.

    1. Sign out from iTunes and login with my moms Apple ID and authorize it.
    2. Connect my moms iPhone and sync/backup.
    3. Restore/Update
    4. When done, choose to restore from a backup, it should show only my moms backups as i am logged in with her Apple ID

    So is this correct? All i need is to login with her Apple ID in order to back up her files on my computer and then bring them back?:confused:

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