How do you sync photos to your phone?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Razeus, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Razeus macrumors 603

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    I know there's people that never seem to remove photos from their phones so they always have their stuff on them. Heaven forbid they lose their phone or lose their pictures, but that's another topic.

    With the demise of iPhoto imminent, how are you syncing your photos to your iDevices.

    For me, I'm still using iPhoto for this purpose. In a strange way, I find iPhoto still the best for syncing, creating photo books and slideshows, and getting choice photos to my Apple TV's.

    For me, I use a iPhoto library that gets photos after going through a couple of MAS Apps. One is RePix for resizing my photos to 2048 pixels on the longest edge; the other is JPEGMini for trimming the fat. The result is a really small file that looks great on all my devices that I can easily share via emails, Facebook, text messaging, etc. as they don't require a lot of bandwidth. The best part is that if my recipient wants to make a print of the photos, they have more than enough resolution since most people get 4x6's or 5x7's.

    Out of the 3000 pictures I took (kept) in 2014, my "master" files (which I keep in Dropbox) came out to 15GB. With my Repix and JPEGMini workflow, those same files are 1.6GB. Basically optimizes the space that I'm using on my 64GB iPhone Plus or 16GB iPad.
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    Aug 26, 2009
    Photos that I really want I use my camera. Quick candids from my phone I will save them on my computer then backup to disc and hard drive. I really don't have a huge plan for phone photos like I do with archiving my RAW camera files.
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    Oct 29, 2011
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    I only use online galleries with my phone, except for the photos I took with the phone. I have to take a look at the JPEGMini, though.
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    Most photos on my phone are snaps, and not really for keeping. However the photo stream backs up to my iMac via the cloud.
    For my proper photos, I put the best on Flickr, so if I need to share them, they are there.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    For the wife and me, iPhoto has nothing to do with photos on our IOS devices. All our photos are imported into Lightroom where we can sort, cull, and edit them. Then any keepers we want to show are exported as jpg files into folders. iTunes then synchs the specified folders to our IOS devices.

    This workflow will be reevaluated when Photos is released and we see if/how plugins like Nik Collection or Perfect Photo Suite can interwork with Photos. Hopefully Photos will have similar library organization feature to Aperture....but I would not bet on it.
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    Perhaps I didn't understand what the OP asked? As I understand it, what he meant was, "how to sync to the iPhone." If that's the case, I do it manually. I never sync photos nor music automatically when the iPhone is connected to the computer.

    So, to sync photos to the iPhone this way: I choose the photos that I want, and copy (or drag them) to an empty folder in the desktop, then manually sink that specific folder to the iPhone.

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