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Apr 16, 2014
So, long story short, a while ago I figured out that my computer was being monitored through the Apple Remote Desktop thing and I'm interested in finding out how to prevent this from happening again (this is silly, but I can't write when I think I'm being watched, so this situation hasn't helped me much). I went into System Preferences and looked at the Sharing options. While I turned remote login off, an "unknown user" is still listed as having access to this ability, and I'm unable to delete it. I tried to disable the Remote Desktop through the Terminal using this guide but I wasn't able to type anything into the screen (I suspect my on ineptitude for this one...). But basically, how can I prevent people from externally monitoring my computer and what are the processes that would show up in Activity Monitor (aside from AppleVNC and ARDagent) if someone were doing so? Thanks!


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Jun 30, 2013
Do you mean that you suspect a keylogger on your Mac, if you do, follow the way below:

Step 1 Open the Activity Monitor to check for unknown process. This system tool will allow you to view the programs (processes) currently running on your computer.

Step 2 Check and Research any unfamiliar processes running in your “Activity Monitor.” Critical system processes sometimes have unrecognizable names, however, and keyloggers may have a name that sounds legitimate.

Step 3 Download and install a mac keylogger detector or another software firewall. This type of mac software alerts you when another program tries to connect to the Internet. It will detect a keylogger for mac before it sends information over the Internet, and allow you to block it.

Hope it helps.


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Mar 12, 2014
"Download and install a mac key logger detector"

App store doesn't show one.

for apps like this you would have to use google and such most likely to hit source developers/publishers.

Because of apple's publication rules some apps (or components" of apps even) will not make it to the app store.

If its cli (as loggers can be) it won't be on the site most likely. As I recall apple does not dig cli apps on the store. I know with at least bbedit you aren't getting the cli tools for it from apple at any rate. You have to hit the vendor's site and download the tools from them. Where as from the vendor this a one time all in one dl.
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