How do you transfer your whole itunes library from one computer to another?


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Mar 28, 2010
OR, how can you copy songs form your iphone to your new computer? i have tried the downloads (diskaid, etc) but none of them seem to work anymore. Probably asked a million times already, and i HAVE googled, and none seems to work. HELP?


Sep 7, 2008
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MRoogle is also a good tool to search these forums. The link is in my signature.

As there is some conflicting information in your thread title and post, do you want to copy the music stored on your iPhone to your computer (which one btw)?
Or do you want to copy music from one computer to another (which ones btw, even though an iPhone is a computer)?

If it is the first have you taken a look at the plenty of programs you can find via Google, like Senuti or exPod for example?

It might also a good deed to list your computer specs including the OS version and all the software titles you tried but didn't work, so the redundancy of mentioning software titles multiple times can be circumvented.


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Aug 16, 2005
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Here's an Apple support article that might help

Ultimately it's not that hard if you let iTunes manage your library.

Locate the library on the disc. on the old computer.
Copy the library to an external HDD or network share
Attach to the copy of the library on the new computer.

Details will depend on if the computers are PCs or Macs, version of iTunes, etc...

or, as the Apple article says, use Home Sharing though that will not preserve your ratings, playcounts, etc...



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Oct 9, 2008
I keep a backup copy of all my music on an external drive. To do this, you go to your home folder >> Music and find the "iTunes" folder. Drag and drop to external drive.

On the new machine [after connecting the external you used to backup your music] just navigate to home folder >> music. .and drag and drop the folder. Update iTunes, then start it up and let it detect your music.

It's also possible to directly copy via network from one computer to another, but I wouldn't attempt this if you have a large library and a wireless connection. Wired. . not so bad.