How do you use Apple Pay?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nouveau-apple, Oct 13, 2014.

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    McDonalds and Apple Pay

    At McDonalds the drive-through attendant is supposed to hold the giant credit card swipe machine (with NFC Apple Pay support) out the window so you can reach it.

    Oops.. just dropped my new iPhone on the drive-through lane concrete trying to hold the phone and press my thumb (because the 16 year old drive-through attendant moved their hands). Hope I don't drive over my phone trying to get it back. Hope the guy behind me -- now pulling up to the window to get his Big Mac doesn't run over it (because I couldn't get to my phone) doesn't drive over it.

    Good coverage here on ApplePay
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    Now my question is will any debit card work with apple pay or only debit cards from big banks?

    Edit: Nevermind found my answer, doesn't look like I will have the benefit off apple pay for awhile.
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    If your that much of a dolt perhaps you should stick with the physical card.
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    See picture below for list of banks approved so far and ones coming soon.

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