How Do you Warp Text Like this?


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Apr 17, 2012
Destin, FL
You could have only said

The website LetMe Google ThatForYou isn't allowed on MR because it is dismissive. Your initial reply was almost exact in wording to that.
Quite true, I could have said that. But that would be disservice to our new member. It is quite probable that they do not understand that googling may yield better results than asking for advice on a forum not specializing in Adobe products.

I typically back my responses with evidence as can be seen recently here:

My terseness could have been seen as 'mean', but these are interpretations of the reader ( I would find no offense to what I wrote and would appreciate the extra step to explain where the information was retrieved from, for additional research ).

IMHO, had I only replied with:
'look it up on google dumbass,' that would have been mean. That is not in my character.

Thank you for your succinct reply; I will certainly try to do better in the future.